Panel discussion

The future of learning and work: Creating more equal opportunity in a more digital world

Our recent event, held in partnership with ETHRWorld, was a panel discussion exploring the role of technology and learning, skill development and employability, overcoming language barriers and paths to maximising impact. The panel emphasised the crucial role of technology, talent development, collaboration, and ethical principles in succeeding in the rapidly evolving digital era. Organisations that can embrace these changes and establish inclusive learning environments are likely to lead the way in this tsunamic disruption of digital transformation.

Here are some key points discussed during the session:

  • What to keep in mind when developing relevant in-house ecosystems to help employees upskill for new roles.
  • How to effectively utilise emerging technologies, such as generative AI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, by integrating them into an organisation's core values and operating principles.

For more practical perspectives, watch the full session.

Speaker Details

Ashwini Prashara

CHRO, RIL - Hydrocarbons

Raghav Gupta

Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Coursera