The future of learning and work: Creating more equal opportunity in a more digital world

The second installment of our ongoing panel discussions with ETHRWorld focused on the significance of upskilling, tech-driven solutions, and continuous learning for workforce readiness and business success.

Here are four key takeaways on how companies can impart mission-critical skills to their employees while upholding their organisational values:

  • Using GenAI to boost employee productivity, freeing up time for value-added tasks.
  • Offering personalised learning tailored to employees' roles, aspirations, and company needs to foster growth and adaptability.
  • Focusing on future-proof skills for evolving job markets through skill-first learning.
  • Regularly evaluating learning programs to ensure they align with employee needs and organisational goals.

For more practical perspectives, watch the full session.

Speaker Details:

Aadesh Goyal

Global CHRO, Tata Communications

Lakshmanan M

CHRO, L&T Technology Services

Raghav Gupta

Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Coursera