Enhancing L&D with Generative AI: Pioneering the Future of Work

The era of AI is here. And while it is dramatically changing every aspect of work, the disruption it is causing in the learning and development function is nothing short of revolutionary. Research from The World Economic Forum projects that 61% workers will require retraining by the year 2027. L&D functions of future-focused organizations are working towards upskilling and reskilling their employees in a way that arms them with skill sets to harness the power of AI.

Hear from learning leaders from Asia-Pacific in this recorded session as they discuss how generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are becoming essential in business and the need of the hour is to empower employees with AI skills by deploying content that drives beginner understanding to advanced mastery.

You’ll come out of this session with a deeper understanding of:

  • Strategies to map how AI can customize structured learning pathways that keep employees engaged and motivated
  • The top generative AI skills organizations should be training employees on to stay ahead of the curve from prompt engineering to ethical AI and bias mitigation
  • On-ground examples of how organizations are leveraging AI, ML and how data driven impact is being measured

Event Details:

Event format: On-demand webinar

Length of webinar: 1 hour


Hemalakshmi Raju

Chief Learning Officer, Leader-Diversity & Inclusion at Reliance Industries Limited

Akanksha Kapoor

Head of Customer Success, Asia Pacific at Coursera for Business

Mukhvinder Singh Bains

SVP-L&D at Accenture