From Data Literacy to Digital Transformation

In this webinar, Azadeh Moghtaderi, Coursera’s Vice President of Data, outlines the importance of data literacy to business growth, innovation, and competitive differentiation. Join her as she shares actionable strategies for achieving data literacy across your organization, structuring your data organization for maximum efficiency, and leveraging data to drive digital transformation.

Did you know that data literacy deficiencies inhibit growth and cost employers 43 hours per employee, per year in lost productivity?¹ Learn how to increase data literacy and build a data-driven culture through innovative new approaches to hiring, training, and upskilling.

View this recorded event to learn all about:

  • Impactful techniques for driving a company-wide culture of data literacy
  • Efficiently integrating, scaling, and deploying technology into your business system
  • Building the right structure around your data organization
  • The ways technology can positively transform the job landscape

Event Details:

  • Format: On-demand
  • Duration: 30 minutes

¹ “The Human Impact of Data Literacy” Accenture and Qlik, 2020

Featured Speaker:

Azadeh Moghtaderi

Vice President of Data