Prepare your students for in-demands jobs

With Career Academy, you can help students find the right role for their career goals, build skills, and earn a micro-credential from a leading company.

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    Students are 76% more likely to enroll in a degree program that offers industry micro-credentials
    of students agree that a Professional Certificate will help them succeed in their job
    Employers are, on average, 72% more likely to hire a candidate with a Professional Certificate

    Provide access to professional-level training from the world’s leading companies

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    Professional Certificates

    Help students earn a valuable career micro-credential

    Enable students to build job confidence and hone critical skills in high-growth fields.

    • Connect students to role-specific expert instruction from industry leaders, including Google, Meta, IBM, and more
    • Teach the career skills that employers are hiring for
    • Empower students to earn a Professional Certificate and demonstrate their job-readiness for entry-level work
    C4C CA Professional Certificates

    Guided Projects

    Enable students to gain essential applied skills

    Give students hands-on projects to practice skills and build a portfolio that stands out to employers.

    • Teach the latest industry tools and technologies with step-by-step video guidance
    • Equip students to navigate and solve real-world challenges by practicing with expert guidance
    • Help students execute real-world projects in a safe virtual workspace, no downloads or installation required
    Illustration of Coursera’s guided projects

    Career Discovery

    Help students explore entry-level jobs and career paths

    Provide insights across a range of industries.

    • Highlight roles in high-growth fields
    • Guide awareness and understanding of entry-level opportunities
    • Identify common job titles, skill requirements, and regionalized salary and open roles (where available)
    C4C CA Career Discovery
    Mark S. R.

    Coursera’s Career Academy is helping Hawaii Pacific University fulfill its mission to offer students a practical, innovative, and experiential education, with in-demand skills training and certificates from top companies like Google and IBM that complement our classroom content and offer students pathways to meaningful employment opportunities. As a Dean, I am assured that Career Academy participants are obtaining skills that they desire and that are related to current job openings. The student response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    College of Business at Hawaii Pacific University
    Mark S. R.
    Ph.D., Dean, College of Business at Hawaii Pacific University
    College of Business at Hawaii Pacific University

    Prepare your students for in-demands jobs

    Prepare your graduates for entry-level work with in-demand skills training and Professional Certificates from leading global companies