Preparing the Next Generation of Cloud Engineers: 5 Best Practices for Higher Education Institutions

With emerging technologies like AI and machine learning expanding quickly, the need for cloud infrastructure to store, manage, and process data is creating a huge demand for cloud engineering talent. However, many roles in this field remain unfilled due to a shortage of skilled candidates.

This labor shortage presents a prime opportunity for graduating students to obtain entry-level roles in a fast-growing field—but currently, higher education institutions face challenges in keeping curricula up to date on the latest cloud engineering skills.

In this e-book, Amazon Web Services and Coursera provide higher education institutions with five best practices for closing cloud engineering skill gaps and helping students build the confidence needed to thrive in technical roles.

Download the e-book to:

  • Discover essential skills that students must master to succeed in cloud engineering
  • See how higher education institutions can help students build job pathways and meaningful industry connections
  • Learn which career credentials are most critical for this fast-growing field of cloud engineering