Leveraging Industry Microcredentials to Drive International Enrollment

Explore how to drive international enrollment and improving career outcomes with industry microcredentials in this on-demand webinar. Angel Ahmed, Founder and President of GNET Global Network, and Scott Shireman, the Global Head of Coursera for Campus, discuss the challenging international enrollment goals institutions face as the world continues to emerge from the pandemic. They present strategies for attracting international students, driving skills acquisition, and boosting graduate employability rates, and highlight how to:

  • Overcome current challenges in international education
  • Positively impact international enrollment with skills-based teaching
  • Use Career Academy from Coursera to equip international students with skills for career success

Event Details: On-demand webinar


Scott Shireman

Global Head of Coursera for Campus

Angel Ahmed

Founder and President at GNET-Global Network

About speakers

Angel Ahmed has 20 years of experience in international strategy, marketing, and business development. She has worked in executive leadership roles at prestigious global companies and universities. Becoming adept at international business development in major regions around the world. Angel is the Founder and President of GNET-Global Network. A global consulting company with staff based in the US and Asia. GNET leverages its expertise, industry connections, and partner network to help companies and institutions in international strategy, marketing, recruitment, and business development. GNET has internationalized several companies and universities, establishing these entities as international brands in emerging global markets.

Scott Shireman is the Global Head of Coursera for Campus. Scott has over twenty years of leadership experience in higher education, including at UC Berkeley and Kellogg School of Management, with deep expertise in global and online education. He currently leads Coursera for Campus globally and advises university leaders around the world on how they can build the universities of the future.