Creating Lifelong Learners with Skills-based Teaching

As higher education institutions around the world begin to adapt their curricula for a changing world that is placing more emphasis on employable skills and career outcomes, how can you ensure that your institution is teaching critical, relevant, in-demand skills that empower your students to pursue rewarding careers?

Join Dr. Anne Trumbore, Chief Digital Learning Officer, Sands Institute at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and Brittany Murchison, Director of Product Marketing at Coursera for a live webinar on October 20, 2022. At this event, you can hear how the Darden School is leveraging innovative, skills-based learning to effectively prepare students for career outcomes and encourage lifelong learning.

Join the discussion to explore:

  • Strategies for overcoming current challenges faced by higher ed institutions
  • The impact of skills-based teaching on lifelong learning
  • The innovative learning experience UVA Darden offers in partnership with IBM and Coursera

Event Details: On-demand webinar


Dr. Anne Trumbore

Chief Digital Learning Officer at Sands Institute for Lifelong Learning, University of Virginia

Brittany Murchison

Director of Product Marketing at Coursera

About speakers:

Dr. Anne Trumbore is a Chief Digital Learning Officer at Sands Institute for Lifelong Learning. Anne leads Digital and Open Enrollment programs for the Sands Institute of Lifelong Learning and is responsible for expanding business education to new audiences of learners. Previously, Anne established and led Wharton Online, a strategic, revenue-producing, digital learning initiative of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. As an early-stage employee at Coursera, NovoEd, and Stanford’s Online High School, Anne helped pioneer new forms of student-centered online education. Her work has resulted in a number of publications on online pedagogy and history, the future of higher education, and the future of work.

Brittany Murchison is the Director of Product Marketing at Coursera. Brittany leads product marketing at Coursera for Campus, providing universities job-relevant, credit-ready online learning to enhance student employability and modernize their curriculum. In the past, she has served as Vice President of Partner Success and Marketing at EAB, partnering with over 100 colleges and universities to optimize marketing and recruitment strategy for graduate, online, and continuing education programs.