CampusTalks with Boise State University

Blue Turf Thinking: Boise State Empowers Students with Industry Credentials

In this session, Boise State University unpacks their approach to education, known as "Blue Turf Thinking,” highlighting how they provide students with a competitive edge in the job market by offering industry certificates for in-demand skills.

Learn how Boise State tackles questions about the value of industry certifications in relation to a traditional college education, and the unique benefits that Professional Certificates offer to both students and faculty.

Hear practical perspectives from Mark Woychick, Clinical Assistant Professor & Director as he joins Scott Shireman, Global Head of Coursera for Campus, to:

  • Explore the value of industry certifications for acquiring practical, job-ready skills for both students and academic leaders.
  • Gain strategies to maximize the benefits of high-quality content for learning and instruction.
  • Learn how to build courses that enable students to earn micro-credentials in high-demand skills while gaining college credit.


Mark Woychick

Clinical Associate Professor & Director, Google Career Certificates at Boise State University

Scott Shireman

Global Head of Coursera for Campus


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