Campus Talks with University of Indonesia: Innovation meets Impact

The Promise of Online Education and Academic Excellence

University of Indonesia (UI) partnered with Coursera for Campus in 2022 to offer learning pathways to help students upskill in emerging and technology domains, in line with the Government of Indonesia's MBKM initiative. This program allows students to earn 40 out of the 160 credits for their undergraduate program through asynchronous learning through MOOCs. Since then, UI has witnessed over 20,000+ enrollments to a diverse range of content from Coursera’s world-class university partners, including Yale, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois, as well as industry partners like Google, and IBM, among others.

We recently hosted F. Astha Ekadiyanto, the head of the Center for Independent Learning at the University of Indonesia for our second session of CampusTalks in Asia-Pacific.

Here are key points from the discussion:

  • For-credit online learning can strengthen academic excellence. UI, in collaboration with Coursera, has integrated industry micro-credential certificates and specializations into the curriculum to keep up with the changing educational landscape in Asia. This enables them to create career-ready graduates

  • The flexibility provided by the Government of Indonesia's MBKM initiative can be leveraged to integrate industry-relevant courses into the curricula and help faculty stay up-to-date. Faculty members can effectively use digital learning tools such as Coursera to enhance their teaching strategies and enhance course design.

  • Platforms like Coursera can boost revenue potential for universities by bringing in high-quality content and emerging technologies, which drive better student deployment and placements. This in turn boosts a university's brand reputation, perspective, and overall rankings. Universities are also able to take online degrees much faster to market.

For more insights, watch the entire session on-demand.

Event details

Event format: On-demand webinar

Webinar duration: 45 minutes


F. Astha Ekadiyanto

Head of Center for Independent Learning, University of Indonesia

Bibin Shivas

Director of Customer Success at Coursera