CampusTalks with Vanderbilt University

Leading Innovation in Education with Generative AI

Explore firsthand how leading institutions like Vanderbilt University are paving the way in implementing AI-driven academic experiences and uncover the critical strategies that drive this transformation.

Watch this webinar as Dr. Jules White, Director of Vanderbilt's Initiative on the Future of Learning & Generative AI, and Scot Chadwick, Global Leader of Coursera for Campus, discuss the rise of AI in academia and its transformative influence and implications on future career prospects for students.

Guided topics:

  • The role of AI literacy in higher education: Understand its impact and explore institutional strategies to navigate the AI landscape.
  • Reimagining learning and teaching: Identify strategies that leverage AI to transform teaching methodologies and expand learning possibilities.
  • Real-world implementation: Learn from Vanderbilt's journey to establish a cross-disciplinary GenAI community hub.

Event details

Format: On-demand

Duration: 45 minutes


Dr. Jules White

Senior Advisor to the Chancellor on Generative AI & Professor of Computer Science, Vanderbilt University

Scot Chadwick

Global Leader, Coursera for Campus