CampusTalks with William Woods University

WWU embeds micro-credentials into liberal arts: A win for students and employers

William Woods University (WWU), a member of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), and explore their journey of enhancing the student experience by adding industry micro-credentials to their liberal arts curriculum. Learn how WWU harnessed quality digital content to enable students to build job skills, and strengthen the institutional value proposition of a liberal arts education.

Watch this webinar to learn practical perspectives from WWU leaders as they join Dr. Quentin McAndrew, Academic Strategist at Coursera, to discuss:

  • Cultivating Partnerships, Champions, and Advocacy: Walk through the process of identifying collaborative partnerships, finding the right champions, and building a campus advocacy coalition.
  • Student Impact and Success Stories: Hear highlights on student engagement and career readiness, and campus testimonials on the benefits of digitally enhanced learning.
  • Leading Innovation and Change: Discover how WWU leaders devised a roadmap to strengthen institutional value, strategized transformation, won faculty buy-in, and fostered a culture of self-examination.

Event details:

Event format: On-demand

Webinar duration: 45 minutes


Dr. Jeremy L. Moreland

President at William Woods University

Dr. Ted Blashak

Chief Student Experience Officer and SVP at Operations at William Woods University

Dr. Aimee Sapp

Provost at William Woods University

Dr. Quentin McAndrew

Academic Strategist at Coursera

About speakers

Dr. Jeremy L. Moreland is the President of William Woods University, driving notable growth in student enrollment and academic programs over his career.

Dr. Ted Blashak serves as the Chief Student Experience Officer and SVP of Operations at William Woods University, managing the student journey from first digital impression to graduation.

Dr. Aimee Sapp is Provost at William Woods University and a tenured Professor of Communication, fostering academic excellence and global educational initiatives.

Dr. Quentin McAndrew is the Academic Strategist at Coursera, working with partners to design innovative online education programs globally.