Future of Higher Education: Impact of Generative AI on Skills and Jobs

Held in collaboration between Coursera for Campus and India Didactics Association (IDA), this recent webinar explores how ChatGPT/generative AI can revolutionize higher education. Can AI offer personalized, interactive learning at scale – a feat unachieved by traditional higher education institutions?

Watch the webinar to gain insights from decision-makers at leading universities as they examine AI's impact on students' creativity, critical thinking, and the potential rise in plagiarism and unethical behavior. Find out why training faculty to use AI effectively is crucial for every institute.


Dr. V.R.Raghuveer

Director at Kumaraguru School of Innovation

Prof. (Dr.) Keshav N. Nandurkar

Director & Principal at K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education

Prof. Bharat Agarwal

President of Vishwakarma University

Raghav Gupta

Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Coursera

Mr Ashish MIttal

CHRO at Sreenidhi Group

Aditya Gupta

CEO at India Didactics Association