Discover how Asian institutions are preparing students for thriving careers

Coursera for Campus, in collaboration with Times Higher Education, organized a virtual panel discussion that gathered experts from academia to explore strategies for aligning curricula with industry demands to prepare students for their careers.

In a rapidly evolving Asian landscape where skill gaps are a prime concern, university leaders face the challenge of aligning educational strategies swiftly and efficiently.

This session offers an in-depth understanding of these challenges, offers strategies to address them, as well as measures to assess the impact of a job-aligned curriculum.

Watch the video to discover insights on how you can shape an education system that equips students with job-relevant skills for a swiftly transforming industry.


Prof. Widodo

Rector, Universitas Brawijaya

Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Veerakumarasivam

Provost, Sunway University

Dr. Bui Pham

Vice-President, Van Lang University

Eklavya Bhave

Enterprise Sales Head-Asia, Coursera