Navigating Generative AI Business Transformation

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In order to drive successful generative AI business transformation, leaders must first have a strong grasp of generative AI themselves.

Discover a firsthand account of how business leaders are adopting generative AI into their strategies in this excerpt from the How to Lead through Generative AI Transformation playbook. 

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Coursera

On December 5, 2022, I received a Slack message from Coursera’s VP of Product Management. It was a surprisingly precise recommendation outlining our approach to integrating Generative AI (GenAI) into Coursera. To my astonishment, he was able to draft this blueprint within seconds by entering a few prompts into ChatGPT, which led me to wonder how else large language models (LLMs) could be used as a thought partner for innovation and productivity. 

This was my GenAI awakening. I spent countless hours experimenting with ChatGPT. I was astounded by the many possibilities it could offer Coursera as an organization—and work as we know it.

Fast-forward to 2024 and the profound impact of GenAI is undeniable. Studies show that the technology has the potential to transform tasks for nearly half the workforce, especially for those in knowledge-based roles. McKinsey's prediction of $4.4 trillion in productivity gains due to GenAI highlights the scale of impact technology can have on organizations. 

The challenge now lies with us, the leaders, to harness the potential for our organizations. Yet, many business leaders lack the knowledge to do so. Despite the fact that 89% of executives rank AI and GenAI as a top-three tech priority for 2024, 59% of leaders say that they have limited or no confidence in their executive team’s proficiency in GenAI. Before we can transform our organizations with a GenAI strategy, we first need to develop the talent and skills to work with GenAI ourselves.

Earlier in January, just before Davos 2024, I launched Navigating Generative AI for Leaders, a Coursera Specialization, to address this gap. This 4-course series, part of Coursera’s Generative AI Academy, features several AI experts from institutions like Salesforce, Stanford University, Orange Telecom, and Upwork. A couple of Harvard business school professors took the course and decided to create an HBS case study on our approach called “Coursera’s foray into GenAI.”

This guide encapsulates the essence of what we’ve learned at Coursera, enriched with insights from other leaders who have been instrumental in our AI journey. I hope it will inform your strategies to harness GenAI’s potential for your organization with greater confidence.

GenAI has already changed the way that I do my job as a leader. I’m excited for you to discover how it will change yours.

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Written by Coursera • Updated on

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