Introducing the Business Leader’s Playbook to Generative AI Skills Training

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By Trena Minudri, VP & Chief Learning Officer

“AI is the future of work.” 

As a business leader who’s responsible for upskilling talent, you’re probably used to hearing that. 

But the future is already here. Looking at trends from our 140+ million global learners, 1,300+ enterprise clients, and 325+ trusted industry and university partners, it is clear that generative AI (GenAI) is a top priority. 

GenAI promises to transform workforce productivity and inspire more innovation than ever before. The upshot is that leaders focused on accelerating the skills development of talent finally have a much-needed seat at the table to drive quantifiable business benefits. 

Yet implementing the ethical, effective use of GenAI is a tall order. While many major obstacles may be blocking the path forward, the number-one challenge facing learning leaders is content chaos: How do leaders with limited time and resources find up-to-date content they can trust?

Here’s what we’ve learned: GenAI isn't just a learning initiative. It's a company and culture initiative that can supercharge talent and productivity.

The learning pathways on Coursera set the gold standard for how companies upskill their employees with GenAI. This includes more than 35 GenAI-related courses from leading institutions like Microsoft, Stanford, Google Cloud, IBM, Amazon Web Services, and Vanderbilt University which have accumulated more than 570,000 enrollments.

We deeply believe in GenAI’s ability to reshape productivity. This ethos extends through our organization: All of our employees are actively learning how to use GenAI and leverage it for their roles with Coursera’s GenAI Academy

If you’re reading this, you know that effective learning only happens when business leaders understand key business outcomes and then structure their programming and content to enhance the employee skills that will lead to those outcomes. 

So, how do we improve company culture and get employees to engage with the unchartered territory of GenAI? How do we deliver on a plethora of learning needs across every organizational level? 

In Unlocking Productivity: The Business Leader’s Playbook to Generative AI Skills Training, we speak with learning experts at Microsoft and Vanderbilt University to answer this question. I also share some lessons from my own experience launching and sustaining Coursera’s GenAI training initiative.

I hope this guide will help you meet the potential of GenAI with confidence to unlock a new paradigm of workforce innovation and productivity.

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Written by Coursera • Updated on

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