How to enhance curriculum with world-class content

The educational landscape in Malaysia is undergoing a massive transformation. Under the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF), the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) now allows up to 30% credit through massive open online courses (MOOCs) from platforms like Coursera. This initiative provides incredible flexibility in program design and delivery for higher education providers in Malaysia.

Coursera for Campus, in collaboration with MOHE, hosted an exclusive webinar for academic leaders in Malaysia's public higher education institutions. This event explored how universities can integrate career-aligned, credit-eligible courses to boost academic excellence, enhance student employability, elevate institutional reputation, and accelerate enrollments.

Webinar details

Format: On-Demand

Duration: 1 hour

Discussion points

  • Scalable, credit-eligible courses: Meeting the rising demand while maintaining academic integrity
  • Micro-credentials from industry leaders: Addressing the growing demand for career-ready graduates
  • AI integration: Making learning more personalized, interactive, and customized
  • Empowering faculty: Utilizing time-saving authoring tools to keep course materials relevant and up-to-date

For more such practical insights, watch the recording now.

Speaker details

Associate Prof Dr. Nurbiha A Shukor

Head of Majlis Ketua-ketua e-Pembelajaran IPTA, Malaysia

Dr Lily Chan

Chief Executive & Vice Chancellor, Wawasan Open University, Malaysia

Raghav Gupta

Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Coursera

Bibin Shivas

Director of Customer Success at Coursera