Building Digital Skills in the Public Sector Workforce

Hiring is costly for all organizations, but it’s proving especially so for government agencies in today’s uncertain economy. With strict pay bands amid high inflation and limited options for remote work, it’s hard for state and local agencies to compete with private industry for digitally skilled workers, especially in technical fields.

To help fill roles, human resource leaders can redirect talent acquisition efforts to focus on reskilling and developing existing employees within their organizations who have relevant experience.

Coursera partnered with the Center for Digital Government—a national research and advisory institute focused on technology policy and best practices in state and local government—to develop a quick reference guide for leaders that helps them:

  • Identify current skills gaps and proficiency levels across existing individuals, teams, and departments
  • Get stakeholder buy-in and support for skills development programs prior to rollout
  • Define what success looks like for employees and measure performance

Download Building Digital Skills in the Public Sector Workforce to learn how you can develop digital skills to help fill critical roles within your organization.