Develop a skilled citizen workforce

Equip your citizens with in-demand skills and reduce unemployment, support local industry, and drive economic growth.

    new job is created for every 30 people trained online
    average increase in job placement after using Coursera

    Join workforce development leaders from around the world

    Leaders from more than 100 countries and 30 US states partner with Coursera to upskill and reskill their citizen workforce.

    • Ministries of labor and education

      National and regional programs to reduce unemployment and meet industry skill needs

    • Ministries of digital transformation, communications, and IT

      Technology and IT-focused programs targeting in-demand jobs in the digital economy

    • US states

      Programs for developing a highly skilled workforce at state and regional levels

    • US cities

      City and local job-readiness programs to prepare citizens for successful employment

    • Nonprofits and foundations

      Skill development programs for underrepresented individuals and groups, including youth and women

    • California State Library
    • Chicago Connected
    • CINDE Costa Rica
    • K-MOOC
    • Misk Foundation
    • National Transformation Initiative
    • New York State
    • Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development
    • WorkSource Seattle-King County

    Career Academy

    Prepare your workforce for in-demand, entry-level jobs

    Offer your learners Professional Certificates from the world’s leading companies, including Google, Meta, IBM, and more. No prior experience or college degree required to enroll.

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      World-Class Training

      Help citizens develop in-demand skills

      Provide access to job-relevant training and credentials from 275+ leading universities and companies

        Skilled for success

        This is about giving Louisianians the opportunity to learn new, marketable skills to advance in their current job or get the career they’ve always wanted.

        Louisiana Workforce Commission
        Ava C.
        Secretary, Louisiana Workforce Commission
        Coursera for Government Partners

        Hands-on Learning

        Enable citizens to learn skills by doing

        Give learners access to thousands of projects that feature step-by-step expert guidance so they can gain firsthand knowledge of key skills. Design your own hands-on projects tailored to local industry needs and delivered in the local language.

          Modern learning for a changing workforce

          The future of training and skills-building is moving toward asynchronous, on-demand learning. Among other benefits gained and lessons learned, our partnership with Coursera showed us many ways in which our public workforce system and partners have work to do in order to adapt to and embrace these changes.

          Minnesota Governor’s Workforce Development Board
          Ben B.
          Director of Minnesota Governor’s Workforce Development Board
          Solve problems with 
step-by-step online learning

          Actionable Insights

          Identify and close your workforce skill gaps

          Identify skills gaps with skills-based assessments. Recommend relevant training and easily track learner progress. Build competitive intelligence by understanding how your citizens’ skills compare against those of more than 150 countries.

            Success readiness

            Coursera helps us develop the skills people need to build a bright future and become highly competitive in the global market.

            CINDE Costa Rica
            Paola B.
            Lead, Strategic Projects for Investment Climate
            Illustration of Coursera’s Skills Dashboard

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