Advance skills through applied learning

Empower your workforce to quickly develop new skills with Guided Projects: hands-on tutorials on critical tools and technologies.

  • Learn from leading experts
  • Scale skills within teams
  • Enhance engagement and productivity
Applied learning can be 45% more effective than theoretical learning alone
Source: "The effectiveness of applied learning: an empirical evaluation using role playing in the classroom"

Build expertise in hundreds of tools

Upskill your workforce with targeted training in a diverse range of tools, including Power BI, Docker, and Tableau.

Practice your skills in Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power BI and more by trying one of our hands-on, interactive data and analytics projects. By taking one of these projects, you’ll be working in a pre-configured environment where you follow the instructions in real-time. No download or setup required.

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Applied Learning

Enhance your learning programs with hands-on practice

Citizens and public employees will learn how to use tools to complete job-specific tasks with step-by-step guidance. Select relevant Guided Projects in hundreds of SkillSets.

Solve problems with 
step-by-step online learning

Scale in-house skills

Train teams on how to use your technology

Create your own hands-on tutorials on Coursera. Collaborate with local organizations to integrate tailored Guided Projects—enabling citizens and public employees to become proficient with relevant tools. Provide training on custom applications in the user’s preferred language.

Scale in-house knowledge
Becky Davis Majewski

Guided Projects are a demonstration of competency, because they bring application to life. When you apply it, it sticks better.

Blue Shield of California
Becky M.
Sr Director Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Programs
Blue Shield of California

Empower your workforce with applied learning

Enhance your organization’s skills acquisition using guided training with expert instructors