Drive digital transformation in your organization

Design learning programs to support citizen job seekers or government employees

  • Close technical and human skills gaps
  • Easily deploy and configure job-based learning
  • Accelerate learning with skill-based recommendations
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of HR professionals and employees value credentials based on learned skills over course completions
Source: Coursera User Research, April 2022

Close Skill Gaps

Train citizens and employees for in-demand skills

Develop essential talent using learning content for 100+ skills mapped to more than 50 critical roles.

Fast-track job-relevant training and close skill gaps with Coursera Academies, featuring the most relevant SkillSets in data and analytics, technology, and leadership.

Close skills gaps

Rapid Deployment

Offer job-based learning with ease

Drive efficient, job-aligned skills acquisition with SkillSets, recommendations of world-class content based on successful upskilling patterns of millions of learners around the world.

  • Guide learners via SkillSets recommendations
  • Offer learner tools for tracking progress to goals
  • Configure SkillSets to the skills and proficiency levels your organization needs
  • Brand custom SkillSets with your organization logo
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Learning Assessments

Reach learning goals faster with measurable insights

Use LevelSets to baseline your learners’ skills in order to identify gaps and strengths, inform learning ROI, and drive strategic talent decisions. Match learners with content at their skill level for efficient learning.

Learning assesments

Drive digital transformation

Build enduring capabilities for your organization