Advancing Higher Education with Industry Micro-Credentials

Graduating college students may face an unpredictable labor market, but educators and workforce development leaders can help: by expanding your curricula to include industry micro-credentials, you can improve students’ employability and better prepare them for in-demand jobs.

Our latest global research reveals the rising popularity of industry micro-credentials, like Professional Certificates from Coursera, and how they directly drive career outcomes and can help bridge skills gaps. Whether an institution offers industry micro-credentials can even impact its enrollment: 75% of students said they’re more likely to enroll in a degree program that offers micro-credentials.

Get the report to explore key insights, including:

  • Detailed data on each country’s labor market and future growth projections
  • How Professional Certificates complement degree programs
  • How you can drive student retention, career outcomes, and new revenue streams by offering Professional Certificates

Insights were gathered from 5,000 students and employers in Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.