Online Training Provider Guide for HR Leaders

3 criteria to help you evaluate online training providers

Government agencies worldwide share a common challenge: It is tough to retain skilled employees in today’s competitive labor market. Investing in online training can help address skill shortages and serve as a valuable non-wage incentive to help foster employee satisfaction and improve performance.

With so many providers out there, what criteria is most important to consider before selecting a partner to help you maximize budget impact? Our new guide is a practical resource to help you evaluate providers and their capabilities.

Get the guide to access expert insights and evaluation tools that you can use to help evaluate providers against key criteria, including:

  • Their ability to take a skills-first approach by creating a plan that identifies and addresses skill gaps
  • Whether they offer high-quality, relevant content from trusted sources and allow for customization
  • How they track and measure outcomes to help you demonstrate ROI

Learn how investing in online training can help you close skill gaps and boost employee retention.