How to Build Digital-First Workforce Development Programs at Scale

Plan and launch a training program to better position constituents for jobs.

As the job market evolves, workforce development programs are adapting training programs to better equip the populations they serve for the future of work.

However, several factors are making this more difficult, including:

  • Rapid technological advancements can result in a skills gap, leaving many people unprepared for emerging job opportunities.
  • Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity requires organizations to create programs that can cater to a variety of learning styles and provide support.
  • Collaboration and partnerships are essential to creating relevant and effective training programs, yet building and maintaining these relationships can be a challenge.

To help you launch a successful digital-first program, we’ve created a practitioner-based framework, How to Build Digital-First Workforce Development Programs at Scale. It leverages our experience partnering with workforce development leaders in more than 100 countries.

The framework has three main phases: Plan, Launch, and Manage. These phases are sequential, but also iterative. Throughout this guide, we highlight examples of best practices that our partners have used when planning and implementing their own programs.

Use this guide to help you build a more inclusive and competitive workforce.