Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: An Executive Roundtable

Join this exclusive roundtable with workforce development leaders, led by Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda. This event is dedicated to addressing the unique job market transformations and technological impacts across the US. We'll delve into key relevant questions such as:

  • How are emerging technologies, including AI, transforming the workforce, and how should our responses be tailored to our unique context?
  • How can we foster collaboration between businesses, educational institutions, and government bodies to create robust pathways to employment?
  • How do we stay informed about the changing demands of the job market to ensure our training programs remain relevant?

This event is by invite only, with limited spots available. Register now to reserve your place.

Event Details:

Format: Live

Duration: 60 minutes

Date & Time: April 9, 8am PT/11am ET


Jeff Maggioncalda

CEO, Coursera