Advancing Higher Education With Industry Micro-Credentials

Join Scott Shireman, Global Head of Coursera for Campus and special guest Dr. Marni Baker-Stein, Chief Content Officer at Coursera, (formerly Chief Academic Officer and Provost at Western Governors University) for a discussion around shaping the future of higher education with industry micro-credentials.

Drawing on data from Coursera’s recent research report, Advancing Higher Education with Industry Micro-Credentials, they demonstrate how integrating highly reputable industry micro-credentials—such as Professional Certificates—can drive enrollment growth, bridge the skills gap, and improve employment outcomes for future workers.

They also share actionable insights on how to use Career Academy from Coursera to prepare learners for job success.

Watch the webinar to explore how you can:

  • Supplement existing curricula with skills-based learning to improve career outcomes
  • Leverage industry micro-credentials to attract and retain students, as well as drive employability for future workers
  • Use Career Academy from Coursera to meet the demand for skills training with Professional Certificates from top companies


Dr. Marni Baker Stein

Chief Content Officer at Coursera

Scott Shireman

Global Head of Coursera for Campus