Building a Winning Workplace Culture: Leadership Lessons

As the world contends with rapid change and economic uncertainty, employee engagement is taking a hit. A staggering 59% of employees report "quiet quitting," which leads to reduced productivity, more errors, and heightened turnover*.

With 82% of workers saying they want to be seen as people, not just workers**, there is a pressing need to create a workplace where employees feel valued and fulfilled.

In this on-demand webinar, Dr Vishal Gupta (Professor in the Organizational Behavior Area at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad ) discusses the critical role leaders play in shaping company strategy, performance, and vitality while uncovering strategies for cultivating a winning culture that motivates and inspires employees.

Professor Gupta’s course - Leadership Skills on the Coursera platform has been subscribed by more than 100,000 individuals from around the world and has been ranked as the top 5 leadership courses on our platform.

You’ll also hear from Bibin Shivas, Director of Customer Success, Coursera talk about the importance of continued skill development for organizations looking to retain talent and develop leaders.

Watch this recorded discussion around:

  • The role leaders play in building legacy, navigating ambiguity with ease and aligning teams towards business goals.
  • How to build a LEAP culture - Learning, Enjoyment, Autonomy, Perform.
  • A solution for enabling leaders within your organization to help employees thrive in times of change

Event details

Format: On-demand

Duration: 1 hour

*State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report, Gallup, 2023

**Employees Seek Personal Value and Purpose at Work. Be Prepared to Deliver, Gartner, 2023


Bibin Shivas

Director of Customer Success at Coursera

Prof Vishal Gupta

Professor of Organizational Behavior, Author of Demystifying Leadership (FICCI Business Book of the Year 2022) and First Among Equals