What Great Remote Leaders Do Differently


To optimally manage today’s fluid workplace, organizational leaders need strategies and practices that are inclusive of all employees’ work setups — synchronous or asynchronous, remote or hybrid. In this exclusive webinar, you’ll gain effective leadership strategies for enabling success in this area.

Featuring GitLab’s remote work expert, Laurel Farrer, “What Great Remote Leaders Do Differently” explores the ideal qualities and skills of a modern leader. You’ll learn how to elevate your employees and the business by shifting to how your team works, not where. And you’ll find out how building and living a stronger company culture can drive positive behaviors.

In this session, you will also learn about:

  • The changing priorities of today’s workplace
  • How to apply cultural building blocks such as values, camaraderie, and process
  • Using TeamOps, GitLab’s powerful, comprehensive approach to people and operations
  • Qualities of a modern leader that drive productivity

GitLab has led remote work strategy with their Remote Playbook, which codifies GitLab’s online working practices, and the How to Manage Remote Teams course on Coursera.

Event Details:

Format: Recorded webinar

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Speaker:

Laurel Farrer

Remote Work Expert, GitLab