CampusTalks Insights: University of Indonesia Equips Students for Industry 4.0 via For-Credit Online Learning

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Dedicated to helping students develop skills required for successful Industry 4.0 careers, University of Indonesia (UI) is enhancing academic excellence and student employability through for-credit content on Coursera.


  • UI’s innovative curriculum equips students for emerging roles, aligning with the Indonesian government’s  Merdeka Belajar–Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) or Freedom to Learn initiative.

  • The university's "Build your own career" initiative empowers students to chart their own career path through self-paced learning. Faculty plays a guiding role and ensures academic excellence through improved course design.

  • UI students leverage content from Coursera's 325+ global partners, including industry leaders like Google, IBM, Yale University, and the University of Michigan, to acquire sought-after job skills and earn career credentials.

  • Since integrating online learning with Coursera, UI has launched new courses and programs faster and can now cater to a wider student cohort.

  • Students have enrolled in over 20K courses and projects and completed more than 53K hours of learning from Coursera’s world-class partners like Google, IBM, and Yale.

UI is transforming its curriculum to prepare students for emerging professions

UI’s transformed curricula offers students industry-recognized credentials and world-class learning experiences, aligning with Indonesia’s Merdeka Belajar–Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) initiative. MBKM allows students to earn up to 40 out of 144  undergraduate credits via asynchronous MOOC coursework, equipping them with crucial skills for the Industry 4.0 era. "What the government wants is for universities to transform and provide more engaging learning experiences for students, so they can be competitive in the industrial world," says Professor F. Astha Ekadiyanto, Head of the Center for Independent Learning.

Learn how to integrate online learning for-credit in UI’s CampusTalks webinar.

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UI’s innovative "Build your own career" model, introduced in 2022, allows students to develop their own career path through self-paced learning. Faculty guide students to earn degree credit for their learning experiences on Coursera—an approach aimed at equipping students with job-ready skills. They also use Coursera's digital learning tools to enhance their teaching strategies and improve course design. And just like students, faculty can develop in-demand skills by learning from industry leaders on Coursera, including Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce.

UI keeps pace with rapid technological advancements and the emergence of new jobs and career paths to address growing curriculum gaps. "We couldn’t actually predict any kind of new roles would emerge so fast, within two or three years. And now they're there," explains Professor Astha. “This rapid change has created a significant content gap, as the university's curriculum design typically spans a four-year period.”

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Through its partnership with Coursera, UI bridges the skills gap and prepares students for the demands of Industry 4.0. Students have completed over 53K hours of learning across 20K enrollments in courses and projects from Coursera's network of over 325 global partners. "By completing Coursera courses and earning industry certifications, our students have become highly competitive in the job market," says Professor Astha. "The access and credentials they've gained through this program have secured them entry points [for in-demand professions]."

Coursera is an excellent platform through which our students now have the opportunity to learn directly from global leaders and earn industry-recognized certifications. This gives them a significant advantage during the job placement process, as they can demonstrate both the skills and the credentials required for emerging professions.

Professor F. Astha Ekadiyanto, Head of the Center for Independent Learning, UI

Coursera's scalable, credit-eligible courses and content enables UI to meet the evolving needs of students and industry while ensuring academic integrity. By closely monitoring student learning journeys, the university can ensure its curriculum remains relevant in changing times.

This approach empowers UI to bridge the skills gap and equip students with the competencies required for success in the fourth industrial revolution. Ready to equip your students for Industry 4.0 with for-credit online learning? Uncover UI’s strategies in this on-demand webinar.

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