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Complement your degrees with programs designed to keep pace with rapidly changing industry needs.

  • Understand in-demand jobs and associated skill requirements
  • Integrate expertise from 100+ leading industry partners
  • Attract more students with job-relevant and role-specific learning
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of students are more likely to enroll in degree programs with industry microcredentials
of employers agree professional certificates strengthen a candidate’s application


Leverage the expertise of leading companies

Boost the value of your degrees with high-quality learning from industry experts with real-world experience.


Career Academy

Offer industry-recognized microcredentials that develop skills and help prepare graduates for in-demand jobs.

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Professional Certificates

Help your students grow job confidence and hone critical skills in high-growth fields.

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Offer students 6,800 courses from 325+ leading universities and industry partners

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Hassan M.

Coursera aligns with our mission to close the gap between academic and industry needs by offering a wide variety of courses that build leadership, entrepreneurship, and career success skills.

University of Jeddah
Hassan M.
Deputy Supervisor of the Center for Career Guidance and Vocational Rehabilitation
University of Jeddah

Connect curriculum to careers

Let’s work together to complement your degrees