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A skills roadmap for digital transformation

With Coursera’s new Essential Skills Playbook, you have a roadmap for the critical skills you need across your organization to survive and thrive in the era of digital transformation.

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Essential Skills Playbook

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Insights by industry and function

We analyzed data from 40 million learners and 2,000 companies to provide detailed skill maps and insights so you can:


  • Identify essential skills for 7 common job functions
  • Understand global skill trends and deep dive into 5 industries
  • Gain new tips to drive learner adoption

Financial Services

See why data skills including SQL and Python dominate across multiple finance sectors and functions.


Explore how the rollout of 5G is emphasizing the need for modern marketing, customer value proposition, and analytics among other skills.

Tech Sector

Discover how companies are combating tech skill decay by emphasizing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud computing learning development.

Professional Services

Get insights into how leading professional services firms are reskilling and transforming in order to be relevant in a data- and tech-centric world.


See how companies are adapting by learning predictive analytics, data visualization, and forecasting to maximize efficiency.

Take a sneak peak at top skills by job function

Below is a glimpse of an essential skills map. Download the Playbook to view all the skills and industry-specific maps.


Top Business Skill:Agile Management

Top Tech Skill:Cloud Computing

Top Data Skill:Machine Learning

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Top Business Skill:Digital Marketing

Top Tech Skill:Design Sprint

Top Data Skill:Big Data

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Data Science

Top Business Skill:Statistical Analysis

Top Tech Skill:Artificial Intelligence

Top Data Skill:Python

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Top Business Skill:Leadership

Top Tech Skill:Cloud Computing

Top Data Skill:Digital Strategy

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Top Business Skill:Agile Management

Top Tech Skill:User Experience

Top Data Skill:Big Data

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Top Business Skill:Accounting

Top Tech Skill:Blockchain

Top Data Skill:Forecasting

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Top Business Skill:Strategic Planning

Top Tech Skill:Game Theory

Top Data Skill:Data Analysis

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