Equip your workforce with essential Generative AI skills

Unlock productivity gains and mitigate risk with Generative AI (GenAI) Academy, featuring content taught by leading companies and universities.

  • Develop high-impact GenAI skills with trusted content
  • Learn how to use GenAI ethically and responsibly
  • Practice and test new GenAI skills with hands-on projects
estimated economic innovation and productivity gains from GenAI
of executives cite lack of access to the right skills as a primary hurdle to implementing GenAI
of workers are interested in developing AI skills to advance their careers

Empower everyone with Generative AI skills

GenAI is poised to be the largest technological revolution since the internet. Business leaders and their L&D partners play a critical role in building foundational Generative AI literacy and high-impact skills to help propel your organization forward.

Coursera’s GenAI Academy helps unlock innovation and productivity gains for global workforces. Designed for Everyone, Executives, and Teams, each curated catalog features new courses, short-form content, and hands-on projects from leading experts, including: Microsoft, Stanford Online, Google Cloud, IBM, London Business School, DeepLearning.AI, Vanderbilt, and many more.

GenAI Partners

Enable executives to lead GenAI corporate strategy

Business leaders require specialized programs from the most trusted sources to better understand the risks, opportunities, and ethical implications of using Generative AI. To help navigate these complexities, executives can learn directly from global experts on how to:

  • Understand societal and business implications
  • Identify customer value and how to navigate potential risks
  • Define and execute corporate GenAI strategies and roadmaps
  • Lead and inspire organizations through GenAI adoption and transformation
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Curated GenAI experiences for all learners

genai for everyone


Generative AI for Everyone

Build foundational GenAI literacy and skill acquisition for employees at all levels with expert training and hands-on practice.

genai for execs


Generative AI for Executives

Empower senior leaders across your organization to identify, develop, and execute impactful GenAI business strategies.

genai for teams


Generative AI for Teams

Equip cross-functional teams to understand GenAI use cases and best practices unique to their business function.

Start unlocking innovation and productivity today with Coursera’s GenAI Academy

Contact us to learn how Generative AI skill development and growth can help advance your organization.

  • Build new skills to drive innovation
  • Boost cross-functional productivity
  • Promote GenAI ethics and responsible use

L&T's commitment to innovation and lifelong learning is demonstrated through our launch of GenAI Academy, to enhance efficiency and empower employees with AI literacy. This initiative underscores our unwavering resolve to adapt to change, stay ahead of the curve, and drive progress within the organization.

Dr. C Jayakumar
Executive Vice President & Head Corporate Human Resource (CHRO) at Larsen & Toubro