Curriculum to Careers: Mastering For-Credit Online Learning

Discover how top universities are using blended learning to prepare their students for today’s global job market.

The learning landscape in India is changing rapidly, with blended learning solutions taking center stage. Indian higher education institutions can now offer 40% of credits in any category through online platforms. Stay ahead of the curve and learn how your institution can benefit from online learning and multidisciplinary programs.

In a recent webinar, decision-makers from top universities like Chandigarh University, ICFAI University, and SNS Group of Institutions discussed the advantages of building multidisciplinary programs through blended learning.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  1. Enhance your curriculum: Learn how for-credit online learning can expand curricula choices and meet rapidly changing skill requirements for today's global job market.

  2. Create industry-ready students: Discover how top institutions cultivate employable graduates with relevant training from industry leaders like Google, IBM, BCG, and Amazon.

  3. Address curriculum gaps and optimize your faculty’s time: Reimagine your existing offerings without over-stretching your resources.