Equip your workforce with mission-critical generative AI skills

Unlock productivity gains and mitigate risk with Generative AI (GenAI) Academy, featuring expert courses and hands-on practice taught by the most innovative leaders in GenAI. Upskill your workforce faster to streamline public service delivery.

  • Develop high-impact GenAI skills with trusted content
  • Ensure your workforce can use GenAI ethically and responsibly
  • Provide a safe environment to practice and test new GenAI skills
estimated public sector productivity gains from GenAI
of government decision-makers would like their organizations to adopt AI more aggressively
of decision-makers claim their largest skills shortages are in AI and machine learning.

Curated GenAI programs across job functions and career levels

genai for everyone


Generative AI for Everyone

Build foundational GenAI literacy and skill acquisition across your organization with hands-on practice and secure playground environments.

genai for execs


Generative AI for Leaders

Empower senior leaders to identify, develop, and execute organizational-wide GenAI strategies to drive digital transformation.

genai for teams


Generative AI for Functions

Equip functional teams with domain-specific AI skills to enhance operational efficiency for mission-critical programs.

Transform Public Service Delivery

Empower everyone with critical generative AI skills

GenAI has the potential to help governments transform services, delivering greater efficiency and public impact. Building foundational generative AI literacy and specialized skills is critical to driving digital transformation across the public sector.

Coursera’s GenAI Academy helps unlock productivity gains, mitigate inherent risks, and foster a future-ready workforce. Designed for everyone, leaders, and job functions, each curated catalog features courses, short-form content, and hands-on practice taught by the most innovative leaders in GenAI.

GenAI Partners

Securely Pilot GenAI

Enable leaders to safely launch and scale GenAI

As generative AI reshapes the business landscape, public sector leaders are at the forefront, tasked with understanding the risks, opportunities, and ethical implications of using GenAI. To help navigate these complexities, leaders can learn directly from global experts on how to:

  • Identify the potential efficiency gains of using GenAI to streamline service delivery and strengthen policy-making
  • Understand ethical, technical, and regulatory implications in building and training government-specific large language models (LLMs)
  • Lead and inspire teams to confidently and safely learn new GenAI skills and apply them to ongoing programs
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Streamline Tasks with GenAI

Empower functions with critical generative AI skills

Train functional teams to quickly understand and ethically adopt GenAI best practices unique to their roles and responsibilities. Integrate GenAI into daily operations to automate time-consuming tasks like form processing and e-filing to provide constituents with faster, more reliable government service.

Coursera GenAI for Teams

Train your workforce efficiently with AI-enhanced tools

Use innovative learning technologies to scale training across your organization.

Faster content customization

Accelerate content creation, customization, and curation with AI-assisted Course Builder to meet your organization’s high-priority needs.

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AI-powered Coach

Learn effectively with on-demand guidance from Coursera Coach, anchored in expert content from industry and university partners.

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Secure GenAI Playgrounds

Promote real-world application of generative AI with hands-on practice in private LLM environments.

Start upskilling your workforce today with Coursera’s GenAI Academy

Build critical and durable AI skills to streamline service delivery. Equip every employee with mission-critical GenAI skills to:

  • Unlock efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Mitigate risk