The Global Tech Skills Landscape After COVID-19

There’s no more authoritative account of skills trends across regions or industries than Coursera’s Global Skills Index (GSI). With the first report produced in 2019, the coronavirus crisis in between, and now halfway into this year for the latest edition, the GSI 2020 is uniquely positioned to paint a worldwide picture of skills, jobs, and the economic impact of COVID-19.

Coursera has analyzed data from over 65 million learners to understand what the target skill proficiencies and skill gaps are by region and industry, which you’ll learn about in this 30-minute webcast by CIO.

This on-demand webcast discusses Coursera’s latest global skills index and the macro trends affecting the technology skills landscape across the globe. Join Emily Glassberg Sands, Coursera’s VP of Data Science, as she discusses the digital transformation taking place across the globe.

During this webcast, you will learn about the following:

  • A deep dive into regional skills trends from across the globe

  • An overview of which regions and countries are driving the digital skills revolution – and those countries lagging behind (and why).

  • A prediction of what skills will be most in-demand as the industry seeks essential and critical digital transformation programs