Transform your institution with Generative AI skills

Prepare your campus with GenAI content that strengthens student employability, faculty effectiveness, and staff engagement.

  • Equip faculty and students to use GenAI ethically and responsibly
  • Develop competitive skills that strengthen employability
  • Empower educators to effectively teach and apply AI
estimated economic innovation and productivity gains from GenAI
employers consider hiring talent with AI skills and experience a priority
of US provosts have not yet reviewed the curriculum to ensure that it will prepare students for AI in the workplace, but are planning to do so

Provide essential Generative AI skills

As generative AI redefines professional roles and career paths, universities play a vital role in preparing students, faculty, and staff for this new landscape.

Transform your institution and boost students’ employability ‌with Coursera’s extensive GenAI content library. Our comprehensive courses and hands-on projects are designed to empower your faculty, staff, and students with ethical, job-ready GenAI skills. Available in 20+ languages, our content features contributions from innovative industry leaders. Use this turnkey solution to equip your institution's community to confidently navigate the AI-centric future.

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Advance student outcomes through GenAI proficiency

  • Help students build in-demand GenAI skills: Meet the growing demand for AI expertise while equipping students to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.
  • Instill ethical GenAI usage in students: Foster responsible decision-making by building ethical foundations around the risks and opportunities inherent in GenAI.
  • Attract students by offering cutting-edge courses: Deliver innovative courses to meet the needs of students who want to excel in dynamic and changing industries.
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    Enhance faculty productivity and teaching effectiveness with GenAI

    • Strengthen faculty expertise: Equip your faculty with GenAI skills to deliver future-oriented, impactful lessons.
    • Maximize institutional efficiency: Streamline administrative operations by understanding and applying GenAI.
    • Empower staff development: Enhance professional growth by enabling your staff to master and apply GenAI techniques.
    Faculty Productivity and Teaching Effectiveness

    Comprehensive GenAI education for students, faculty and staff

    genai for students2

    GenAI for Students

    Enhance employability, equipping students with the technological proficiency needed to navigate and succeed in an AI-driven future.

    genai for faculty

    GenAI for Faculty

    Enable faculty to deliver enriched, future-oriented lessons, improving teaching effectiveness and positively impacting student outcomes.

    gen ai for staff

    GenAI for Staff

    Empower staff to streamline administrative operations, enhancing productivity and contributing to overall institutional efficiency.

    Make GenAI your institutional advantage.

    Empower students, faculty, and staff with skills that:

    • Elevate student career prospects
    • Boost productivity among faculty and staff
    • Accelerate institutional efficiency
    • Encourage responsible GenAI usage