Earn a master’s degree in English Language Teaching Leadership and prepare for a global career as a teacher or administrator.

Earn your master’s in English Language Teaching (ELT or TESOL) leadership and gain practical skills in language teaching and education management. You’ll learn from top TESOL specialists from institutions such as the University of Sheffield’s ELT Centre, as well as the world-class Tomsk faculty, guest lecturers, and experts from around the world.

Over the course of your two-year online program, you’ll benefit from bi-weekly live sessions with professors as you learn and apply the latest pedagogical, leadership, and management strategies. You’ll create and deliver lesson plans, practice classroom management, and even teach virtual classes.

As part of your preparation for a successful TESOL career, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your curriculum by choosing one of two tracks. The Advanced Classroom Practitioner track is for teachers who want to further their careers and build expertise in a particular area of TESOL, while the Education Management track is ideal for those who wish to develop as academic leaders and TESOL administrators. You’ll also have the option to combine modules from each track.

Upon completion of this degree you’ll have the skills and credentials to launch and advance a career as a teacher or education manager anywhere in the world. This includes earning your internationally-recognized TESOL certificate—an essential professional credential for success as a global teacher of the English language.

What makes this degree unique?

Comprehensive Applied Learning for future English Language Teaching Leaders. In this program designed by leading professionals in the field, you’ll learn the latest skills and approaches in teaching and education management and position yourself to successfully take advantage of increasing global demand for qualified TESOL professionals. With a focus on comprehensive applied learning, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your teaching and gain skills in pedagogical design, classroom management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more, as you build familiarity with the latest trends in online teaching and develop the skills to deliver world-class learning experiences anywhere in the world.

Learn From Leading Experts and Join a Dynamic Global Community. As a student in this diverse global program, you’ll learn from leading experts from around the world alongside a dynamic peer community of learners who share your commitment to professional advancement in the TESOL field. You’ll benefit from the combined leadership and instruction of professors and lecturers who bring with them experience in fields ranging from linguistics, training and development, leadership, and TESOL methodologies to curriculum design, translation, language communication, and more. This multi-disciplinary focus—a key feature of the program—offers learners an ideal approach for mastering the most in-demand TESOL skills.

Gain Essential Applied Skills to Launch your TESOL Career. Building real-world, job-ready skills is essential for launching a successful TESOL career, and in this program, you’ll gain the practical knowledge and experience to immediately start making an impact in a wide range of roles. You’ll develop a global perspective on the issues and opportunities in the field, build a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical and administrative best practices, and learn the latest approaches and strategies for creating and delivering exemplary online learning experiences. You’ll earn a valuable career credential, obtain TESOL certification, and gain the experience to confidently pursue your goals as a TESOL professional.

Requirements for licensure or certification needed for employment as a teacher or other education-related professions vary by country and state. The Global Master's in ELT Leadership is not designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification for a specific profession in any country or state. Current and prospective students are encouraged to research the licensure or certification requirements in their current or intended country or state of residence to ensure that enrollment in the Global Master's in ELT Leadership aligns with their personal and professional goals. It may be necessary to contact the agencies or professional boards that oversee licensure or certification in the current or intended country or state of residence with questions or for clarification.

  • Tuition
    1,050,000 RUB

    ($14,000 USD) For financial aid check the section on Tuition and Financing

  • Program length
    24 months

    Estimated 10 hours a week

  • Brief overview
    7 courses
  • Method of study
    100% online courses

Applications for Fall 2021 are now open!

Final application deadline: September 30

The cohort will start on November 1, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact elt@ido.tsu.ru.

About the Program



This program is ideal for anyone who wants to build a career as an TESOL professional, whether your goal is to work in universities and colleges, departments of education, language schools, primary and secondary schools, or other organizations in the TESOL field.

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If you enroll, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your curriculum by choosing one of two tracks. The Advanced Classroom Practitioner track is for teachers who want to further their careers and build expertise in a particular area of TESOL, while the Education Management track is ideal for those who wish to develop as academic leaders and TESOL administrators.

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As a graduate of this program, you’ll be well-positioned to work in leading educational organizations and language schools anywhere in the world and in a wide range of roles ranging from teacher to director of studies.

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Student Experience

Student Experience

If you choose to enroll, you will participate through live seminars and recorded lectures. Within the program, you will also complete your TESOL certification with no additional charges.

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About Tomsk State University

About Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University (TSU) is the largest classical university in the Asian part of Russia and the acknowledged centre of science, education, and innovation. It was founded by the decree of Emperor Alexander II as Imperial Tomsk University on the 28th of May, 1878.

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Tomsk State University courses

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