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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Advanced Valuation and Strategy - M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital by Erasmus University Rotterdam

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About the Course

Hi and welcome to this course! Would you like to learn about the latest valuation methods that may help you to make better business decisions? Then 'Advanced Valuation and Strategy – M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital' by Erasmus University Rotterdam is the right course for you! This course is helpful for executives that need to value complete strategies and for all students interested in corporate finance and strategy. We present the latest tools and show you how to apply them! We will revolutionize your way of decision making, by extending static techniques from corporate finance with dynamic methods to quantify strategic thinking. Traditionally, we assess the attractiveness of an investment as a mature business, where future cash flows mainly result from past decisions. But, in an ever-changing world, strategic decisions determine the firm’s long-term success and market value. Yet managers often have to consider these long-term implications using intuition and experience alone, with little guidance from structured, quantitative analysis. Our treatment goes far beyond the use of standard valuation analysis. We introduce the expanded NPV, which brings together DCF, real options, and game theory. Thinking in terms of options, games, and adaptive strategies may help managers address strategic questions such as: How do you value a leveraged buyout? How can you value a high-tech venture with negative cash flows? When should you invest in new ventures in stages? How can you incorporate rival bidders in the analysis? The tools we provide can improve your decisions in business and in daily life. * Who is this class for? We hope that our course appeals to (graduate) students in finance, economics, and business, as well as to high-ranking professionals and a general audience. This course is particularly interesting for venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers, CEOs, CFOs, and those who aspire these affiliations. We offer this MOOC at 3 levels: 1.Executive Summary: This 1-week module provides critical insights into the principles of corporate valuation and strategy. This is accessible for time-constrained executives and the general audience without any prior knowledge. 2. Student Level: This level involves an understanding of the technical details. This level requires basic knowledge of concepts in corporate finance, e.g., the time value of money, financial statement analysis, capital structure, and the relation between risk and returns. Learners of this level can skip week 1. 3. Honors Level (honors certificate): This level is challenging, engaging, and compelling to an intellectually rigorous student....

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Jul 24, 2019

It was challanging and the first part might get you frustrated, but the course is rich with resourses and I 100% would recomend this to whom ever wants to learn more about corporate finances.


Aug 05, 2019

The course offers both excellent theoretical framework and quantitative rigor. Unconventional perspective shared by the professor you would not typically find in M&A textbooks out there.

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By Daniel L

Aug 04, 2019

This is rigorous programme has enabled me to apply the concepts taught immediately into my current job. Thank you!

By Denis D

Aug 08, 2019

Great stuff,

By Vamshi C

Aug 10, 2019

Such knowledgeable professor! Lucid content!

By Marco F O C

Jul 04, 2019

I think could be valuable for this course, incorporate some exercises in excel or other spreadsheets to have a better comprehension and to get the lesson on pdf for reviewing the course before the quizzes.

By Sreekumar P

Sep 21, 2019

The course was very informative and eye opener for me. As I am not from finance background it was an uphill task for me to understand the terns and concepts. Thank you for the course. If you could have excel sheet templates for all topics it would be a great help.

By Vanessa B

Oct 05, 2019

good course! absolute relevant informations, well explained.

By Sandra Q

Oct 06, 2018

A course that goes beyond the standard finance courses in explaining what practices are used in valuations of different types of companies/industries.

By Ulf L

May 14, 2019

Really well strucntured vourse that goes well beyond mere DCF analysis.

By Michael D

Jun 09, 2019

Could break videos into PowerPoint slides to explain formulas.methods used. I paused the videos to copy the information a lot.

By Jana R

Aug 10, 2019

Very useful and insightful, although the practice quizzes and end-week quizzes did not completely overlap with the weekly lecture.

By Peter A

Sep 18, 2019

There is little explanation of complex concepts

By Shivin S

Sep 29, 2019

The course was quite good and unique and also very helpful for looking at things from a wider perspective. Helped me in understanding valuation and options concepts.

By Effy Z

Sep 29, 2018

There are way too many typos in the subtitles and that highly decreases the quality of the webcasts. Students are trying to learn something out of the webcasts and bad subtitles really give me lots of unnecessary confusion.

Second of all, I found the explanations in the webcasts are not very clear. It didn't give me a better understanding of the theories and the applications behind the theories, especially the optional videos in week 4. Maybe this is subjective, but that is my opinion.

I don't think it is necessary to add more languages into the subtitles. Accuracy and precision are way more important.

By Conor

Jun 11, 2019

Sometimes things are answered that weren't ever covered in the course. Also, id appreciates it if you'd try to be consistent with the naming of variables during the course as it becomes confusing for whom the topic is new.

By Claudia O O

Jul 05, 2019

There are only men in the videos (only one woman on the background because they needed her for the man to have children). It discourages me to keep watching it. Women need representation.