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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution by University of Alberta

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About the Course

Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution is a four-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origin of vertebrates. Students will explore the diversity of Palaeozoic lineages within a phylogenetic and evolutionary framework. This course examines the evolution of major vertebrate novelties including the origin of fins, jaws, and tetrapod limbs. Students also explore key Canadian fossil localities, including the Burgess Shale (British Columbia), Miguasha (Quebec), and Man On The Hill (Northwest Territories). Watch a preview of the course here:

Top reviews

Jun 20, 2016

WOW, I learned a lot form this and it was fairly educational but not overwhelming or difficult. This instructor really gets the points across without being to easy or hard. A very good class.

Mar 2, 2018

Celebrate your inner fish as you swim along with this awesome course charting our earliest ancestors. Very well constructed and delivered once again by the team at the University of Alberta.

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By Danelle L

Jul 8, 2016

I haven't completed this course yet. Self pace and enjoying the lectures and videos. I've taken another Univ of Alberta course on Marine Reptiles which was great! I enjoy the Paleontol

By Sacha Z

Aug 2, 2020

Excellently done and narrated course. It makes me want to know more about paleontology and evolution. It is amazing what diversity of life this planet has produced.


By Anita H E

Jun 18, 2016

I think this was a great module wich gave a good insight into the early vertebrate evolution. I willl definatly reccomend it to any who is interessted in this topic.

By Jolanta F

Apr 21, 2019

Short but amazing view on fish development with lots of technical terminologies. The very enjoyable way of learning. Thank you for this course and the whole series!

By Om N V

Mar 22, 2020

the course was very interesting even for a 13 year old like me

I wold like to encourage more people to do this course and will certainly tell my friends about it

By Adriana S s

Oct 26, 2020

me encanto y pienso que los seres humanos somos muy tontos al pensar que la vida existio asi sin mas y gracias a este curso podre explicar la vida y su historia

By Leslie H

Feb 3, 2018

Fabulous for understanding life! I highly recommend this course. Well taught with videos and written notes. Fantastically researched! See how we all began!

By Heather L

Jul 30, 2020

Very much enjoyed the lectures, diagrams and information provided. Thank you so much for introducing me to such an interesting subject. Very much appreciated.

By David O

Apr 13, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience on this course. Notes and videos clear and concise, well put together, as expected from University of Alberta.

By Andre O

Sep 11, 2019

Excellent course and good depth for beginners with some general biology background. Hope they continue it for entire evolution of vertebrates. Fantastic. A


Apr 10, 2020

This is perhaps the best and most enjoyable course that I have ever taken in Paleontology , I also learned a lot and will always treasure the experience !

By Tony W

Oct 12, 2016

Everything you need!

This is the first of a great series - first-class lecture notes, well illustrated lectures and plenty of links to further study.

By Aastha M

Jul 11, 2016

it is good for maths students who haven't studied biology and struggle with understanding palaeontology. vertebrates have been explained very well.

By Keenan R

Aug 27, 2017

Excellent course, presentation, presenter, and material. Hope to see if other subjects of the Palaeozoic would be covered in future courses

By Arturo M

Jul 21, 2017

An excellent presentation of paleontology by W. Scott Persons. A very amazing journey through the Devonian fishes that evolved to tetrapods.

By Ajit P

Oct 5, 2020

A fairly accessible course to vertebrate evolution that thought me a lot about parts of my body and ancestry that I had taken for granted.

By Bryan K

Jul 17, 2020

Very informative information on the vertebrae evolution. I feel so much better now knowing Im a living tetrapod and I came from a fish,

By Krajc, D

May 21, 2016

Beautifully made. A new insight of nature. Awesome to see, listen, think about and recognize development of evolution in todays species.

By Andrés V X

Aug 20, 2019

The course was concise because you learn the major charecteristics of the groups of fishes and how they evolved into another group.

By Diana V

Apr 4, 2017

excelente! creo que nunca había comprendido realmente la evolución, fue una experiencia maravillosa, interactiva y bien explicada.

By Richard R

May 25, 2017

Really informative, I recommend doing further reading

and writing things down/taking notes rather than just watching the videos.


Aug 3, 2020

Excellent course, i learnt a lot about evolution and how life began on Earth..... Thank you University of Alberta and Coursera

By Tulio F A N

Feb 22, 2020

- I learned about the evolution of fins with legs- The development of jaws-I knew the past of vertebratesThank you so much!!

By Kathleen N O P

Sep 3, 2020

This is great! I have learned so much. I can even use the concepts I learned to teach Comparative Anatomy. Thanks a lot.

By Shatavisa C

Aug 14, 2020

Very informative. Manages to old onto the student's attention throughout the course. Would highly recommend to peers.