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About the Course

This course is all about matrices, and concisely covers the linear algebra that an engineer should know. The mathematics in this course is presented at the level of an advanced high school student, but it is recommended that students take this course after completing a university-level single variable calculus course. There are no derivatives or integrals involved, but students are expected to have a basic level of mathematical maturity. Despite this, anyone interested in learning the basics of matrix algebra is welcome to join. The course consists of 38 concise lecture videos, each followed by a few problems to solve. After each major topic, there is a short practice quiz. Solutions to the problems and practice quizzes can be found in the instructor-provided lecture notes. The course spans four weeks, and at the end of each week, there is an assessed quiz. Download the lecture notes from the link And watch the promotional video from the link

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Jan 16, 2022

With regards to my course and program, this was relevant. Although I was behind on some weeks, it was because some of the topics were not in concurrence with my course, but this course really helped.


Aug 4, 2021

This is a carefully sequenced, content-rich introduction to Matrices; beware skimming over details: eg. the use of matrix formalism to solve the least squares problem is little short of magic.

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By Vishnu N

Nov 5, 2019

This course is an easily achievable course, it has several challenging topics which are taught thoroughly without any complications. These videos are made audience friendly and it's a generous offer in Coursera.

By Surendar

Sep 18, 2019

I am finding this course very useful as a refresher. This course does cover most of the concepts needed and used in engineering. I sincerely thank the professor and his team for making this course happen.

By Naman S

Jun 21, 2020

Sir ypu make it understand well. Your teaching way is good. I appreciate you for this sir... Thanks for making these videos as it will be helpful for us in future also.....

By Ibraheem B

Feb 13, 2021

A very nice course, however in some topics if there were more examples it would have been more clear, Furthermore, it was very hard to finish the course in 4 weeks.

By Abhay G

Aug 11, 2019

This course is not only very helpful for engineers but also helpful for under Graduate students.

I like "Gram-schmidt orthogonalization process" based lecture.

By Lei C

Nov 27, 2022

It is more suitable for a quick review. It might not be good for a complete beginner. Too many definitions, too few explanations. The space is very fast.

By Rajashekhar P L

Jul 6, 2020

Good course, it was really informative, if some numerical methods were to be included it would enhance quality of course.

Thank you Professor Jeff Chasnov

By Akash D

Jan 11, 2019

Very systematic course ,not a typical first course in linear algebra but brilliant overall .Extremely useful for engineers.

Highly recommended!!!

By Manohar

May 22, 2020

overall good experience to learn this matrix,but few engineering examples but a strong foundation for linear algebra concepts.thank you, sir.

By Kishan S

Jun 23, 2020

It helped me to understand the various methods of matrices and solving methods...And the applications of matrices in engineering carrier...

By Voddepelly N C

Feb 15, 2023

the teaching style is good and his body language was average

understanding is based on your focus,practice is neccessary

overall good

By Aiyetikun P B

Sep 21, 2020

It was an interesting course, and it was excellently and structurally organized for well and proper learning, I really did love it

By Cody L

Apr 17, 2020

I thought it would be helpful if we were given more practice problems to do on our own so that we understand the material better.

By Luiz C

Mar 24, 2019

Good, but would have appreciated slides instead of just pdf, and tests are too much on manual calculus instead of thinking...

By Arie S

Aug 6, 2020

the more abstract side of algebra is important. without that side it is hard to know when to use the stuff you taught us

By Shatikhin Y

May 2, 2020

Course is very well explained, but it feels like one introductory lecture into the topic rather than the whole course.

By Karl S

Sep 12, 2022

I would have liked to see more proofs, mostly in week 3 on vector spaces. Otherwise, it was an excellent course.

By Joseph P

Aug 8, 2019

First 2 weeks was clear as day, 2nd 2 weeks less so at times (for me). Thanks very much to Jeff & Coursera.

By Gustavo M C

Apr 14, 2021

Very straightforward however still need clarifications with regard to solutions for problems/questions.

By Iakov S

Feb 17, 2023

Quite technical. Not much about meanings behind the properties and values, neither about applications.

By Enrique Z H T

Dec 21, 2021

It's an excellent course where i learned about matrix algebra and linea algebra in an abstract way.

By Nguyen D T

Dec 19, 2021

This course is very helpful as it helps learner to review and solidify fundamentals of algebra.


Mar 17, 2020

the subject is hard to understand but because of the way you discussed it , i learned a lot.

By Alireza V

Feb 28, 2021

I think there are easier solutions for some problems which could have been thought

By Veethika G

Jun 6, 2020

It's a very good starting point for people who want to study matrix algebra.