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Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations, causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs. Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI). Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia....

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Oct 3, 2020

An exceptionally great course. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the organizers for making these as easy and simple as possible. Now I can live a more healthy lifestyle with the principles learned!


Sep 11, 2020

It is a very great course. This course taught me many great things about the human body like how the body responses to exercise and nutrition. What, when, how we should do exercise and take nutrition.

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By Sayli c

Sep 13, 2020

Excellent course. Every individual should learn this things and make themselves fit. Course is the combination of everything nutritional facts, chemical and biological reactions during exercise and what are the benefits of exercise. I enjoyed and learned new things.

By Angelika K

Jan 5, 2019

After this course, you will gain all the knowledge about execrise phisiology. You will understand from basis what is happening in your body during both rest and training. Its very accessible, i reccommend it to everyone who wants to know more about sport and health.

By Eduardo Z

Sep 15, 2021

Este curso ayuda a comprender como funcionan los mecanismos del cuerpo humano para adaptarse cuando es sometido a ejercicio. Se aborda el tema con gran rigor y es muy ameno y fácil de comprender si se está muy atento. Muchas gracias por este curso tan increible !!!

By Martin L

Nov 4, 2021

I truly enjoyed this course and its simple structure. The information provided is invaluable to me and my future goals. I particularly enjoyed the final graded assessment; it was a true measure of one's ability to apply what they learned throughout the four weeks.

By Gilberto V

Feb 23, 2021

It is satisfactory, the final evaluation is incredible to make a summary through what has been learned and obtain points of view from different people who participated in the course. The videos and materials have been useful to inform with sources is very relevant

By Quentin L

Nov 15, 2019

Excellent course that really shifted my vision of the mechanism of exercise.

Sometimes complex schemes could be further explained but apart from this, it was one of my best course on Coursera.

Can be done by anyone from a professional physio to a beginner in biology

By Nirmal P M

Sep 6, 2020

Very much helpful in understanding the whole science and mechanisms behind exercise and its adaptation. It would even help a common person without life science background to understand the true nature of exercise and help them being healthy and contented in life

By Jeremie G

Aug 16, 2020

Great course!!!! i would only have the final question be a bit clearer on the info they are looking for, cause i found i could have written for day on the subject. Or maybe i didn't get the question well enough. But still really great course. Thanks Dr. Mazzeo

By Gunnar H L

Jul 31, 2021

Great course. Got to get hold of the MCSM and Kluwer Textbooks to get the feeling of the material closer to a college course. The course ends with a peer-reviewed exercise: Two out of three solutions I was supposed to review were a complete waste of time ...

By Sophie L B

Jan 2, 2023

A really comprehensive presentation of the health benefits of exercise. The author discusses in depth the physiological, and metabolic remodeling associated with both acute exercise and prolonged training (adaptation). Very well explained and highly useful.

By Chandler H

Dec 23, 2020

This taught me a TON about health and fitness that I will be able to apply immediately to my everyday life. I'm a software developer and I would highly recommend that others in sedentary professions take this course to improve you overall quality of life.

By Jalicia R

Jul 17, 2020

This course was extremely informative. The instructor made the course easy to understand, allowing you to see not just the "Science" of Exercise but the way that the information was delivered, you were able to easily see and understand things practically.

By Jhon S E

Jun 13, 2020

Excelente curso. Información de alta calidad con las bases fundamentales para comprender la acción de los sistemas durante el ejercicio. Además brinda información del tipo de entrenamiento, aspectos de nutrición y, beneficios para la salud. ¡Recomendado!

By Emmanuel J

Jul 22, 2020

Extremely valuable course. Lectures were also awesome.

I can't thank the instructor enough by mere words, his classes were superb, now I have a different understanding of human body!

Once again , THANK YOU Sir Robert Mazzeo , Thank you very much. (*-*)

By Eduardo M D

Oct 1, 2020

Es un curso con un resumen sumamente selecto con los tópicos necesarios para comprender los procesos que intervienen durante el ejercicio y comprender con claridad los efectos que causa el ejercicio frecuente en el organismo y su beneficio a la salud.

By Ridhima B

Aug 3, 2020

The course was very interesting and informative. It gave me an opportunity to learn many key important adaptations of the body to exercise. The fourth week encouraged me to keep working out and spread the benefits of exercise among family and friends.

By Rafael D d L

Aug 9, 2020

Very good course, wonderful classes, very competent teacher, simple and complete explanations.

I learned a lot from this course and reviewed several important concepts.

I was very pleased to do, complete and learn.

It really exceeded my expectations.

By Biju M

Dec 30, 2021

Excellent course to understand how body uses various types of fuel and what are the benefits of exercise. Science behind exercise is clear after this course and various facts learned can be used in real life to make improvements to self and others,

By Kamini C

Sep 14, 2020

Its a phenomenal course with great content. I would suggest this course to anyone who wishes to work in health and exercise field. The course provides you with practically useful information, through lectures, reading material and discussion forum.

By Anooja A

Aug 9, 2020

fantastic course! Really helps understand what goes behind planning a fitness training program and a diet plan! Now we know the secret behind celebrities cookie-cutter shaped "fit" body! The course covers everything you need to know about Exercise.

By Lautaro J L R

Apr 19, 2020

Really informative, with a good forum activity, assessments and tests are hard enough. Thanks to all who made this course happen! It's perfect for the general public interested in this topic, as well as for an undergraduate nutritionist or dietist.

By Giri d

Jul 19, 2021

The course content and syllabus was exceptional. As a physical education profession, it was very useful to me and I learnt a lot out this course. My extreme appreciation to the coordinators of this course. Kindly intimate me such course in future.

By José I S

Aug 16, 2020

Excelente el curso, la información que el profesor nos brindó nos permite adquirir habilidades para comprender qué le sucede a nuestro cuerpo cuando realizamos actividad física, además cuales son las vías energéticas que utiliza para tomar energía

By Молоховская В В

Jun 9, 2020

A delightful course that contains all so much useful information for understanding and in-depth study. Thank you for a surprisingly comfortable and clear training. Low bow to the teacher and all who participated in the creation of these lectures.