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Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations, causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs. Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI). Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia....

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Sep 11, 2020

It is a very great course. This course taught me many great things about the human body like how the body responses to exercise and nutrition. What, when, how we should do exercise and take nutrition.

Oct 3, 2020

An exceptionally great course. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the organizers for making these as easy and simple as possible. Now I can live a more healthy lifestyle with the principles learned!

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By christopher o

May 27, 2020

Dr.Mazzeo is an excellent instructor,he re emphasizes the most important information you must retain throughout the entire course. His manner of speaking and hand gestures are also a big plus in his lecturing technique. His frank discussion regarding performance enhancing drugs,especially anabolics was refreshing in its truthfulness. The module quizzes were challenging,but I particularly liked the course's final essay and rubric-guided peer reviewing,which I've never done before. Both have helped me hone my critical thinking skills. All in all this course was an enjoyable and informative learning experience. Many thanks Dr.Mazzeo and Coursera!

By Isaac V B

Sep 10, 2020

Es un muy buen curso pues explican de forma muy detallada mitos y realidades del ejercicio desde la luz de la ciencia y la fisiología. Los videos son muy buenos y explicativos ya que utilizan múltiples métodos para explicar los distintos temas de los que hablan y las preguntas y ejercicios son lo mejor ya que su finalidad es integrar las explicaciones teóricas en ejemplos de la vida diaria haciendo que el conocimiento sea trascendental.

Si te interesa entender que pasa en tu cuerpo cuando realizas ejercicio, aprender sobre la fisiología y los mecanismos de adaptación, y la explicación de mitos y realidades sobre el deporte, este curso es para ti.

By Celine P

Jun 20, 2020

I started this course to support my goal of strength training. I am close to my 50th birthday and started noticing the weakness in my lower extremities. I also started graduate school, and noticed my mental capacity getting affected a well. I wanted to be healthier and stronger. This course gave me a deeper understanding of my body's ability to adapt and maximize every effort through exercise, in promoting health with the right amount of exercise and nutrition, preventing diseases and ageing gracefully. Lastly, I was able to restart my deadline and it gave enough time to study the contents over and over, that helped retention.

By Francisco J Á B

Sep 29, 2020

Although some of the scientific articles presented in the course are now a bit outdated (the most recent are from 2016), most of the knowledge about physiology and metabolism during exercise haven't changed, so the course is still a great opportunity to learn about the major aspects of the science of exercise. Nonetheless it would be great to add the newer evidence of how vegetarian or vegan diets are sufficient for athletes. The videos are well constructed, the graphs shown are most often self-explanatory and there is the help of the video transcripts. I give it a 5/5 grade, I have enjoyed the course a lot.

By Kadambari P

May 11, 2020

A challenging but immensely insightful and well taught course. I am a gerontologist specializing in non medical geriatric care and looking to transition to something more fitness related to older adults. This course gave me the perfect opportunity to understand basics and to figure out if I want to delve more into this area......I do. It also gave me a very good overview of what I'm doing wrong in my fitness regimen and how to fix it. Thank you for this wonderful intro! I hope to get more notifications about subsequent courses taught by the instructor or by others in this area.

By suresh c

Jun 16, 2020

Prof Robert Mazzeo provided an excellent capsule of information on the body adaptation to exercise and the science to explain the adaptations and the benefits that occur due to both endurance and strength training interventions. I wish he had spent another module on the sequencing of exercises, with examples of both endurance and strength trainings that we could use as a take away. For example the course doesnt necessarily explain why we need to warm up before an exercise, how stretching helps post exercise, which muscle types are important to strengthen (like core) etc in detail.

By Mariah C G

May 27, 2020

I enjoyed the content. As a physician, I am sure I will be able to use this course so thank you. I just have a concern about the delivery of the lessons. I think it would be also nice to just show the lecture slides with the lecturer discussing it in the background because I had a hard time keeping up with what he was saying (I had to rewind some of the videos to get what he was saying). It is not the speed of his speech. I just like looking at words more than seeing the lecturer in person (not that I have anything against the lecturer). Overall, I really enjoyed this course.

By Helena I

Feb 11, 2021

I loved this course! I have learned so much during these four weeks. It is very well structured and organized. The delivery by dr. Mazzeo is great and it is easy to follow the lessons. There are many studies supporting each statement and a plenty of infographics. However, I must note that this course is not suitable for the general population who just want to learn a thing or two about exercise but it is excellent for those who are at the beginning of their fitness journey (or further into it) and have a solid knowledge in physiology, chemistry etc.

By Tan Y L

Sep 3, 2020

Thank you, Dr Robert Mazzeo. The course is very well structured, from the energetics of exercise to the physiological aspects and how exercise promote health and reduces risk factors leading to illnesses. I like the review pause along the videos to check understanding of facts. The quizzes is excellent to check overall understanding of a unit, more so, the feedback after the quizzes Corrects any mistakes made. Overall, it is really a happy learning experience. My utmost sincerest thanks to Dr Mazzeo and the team for putting up this useful course.

By Brenda D M

Jun 13, 2021

This course is very informative and insightful. I acquired deeper understanding about physiology and how exercise affects our over all health, although I know the significance of it, but this course is really amazing. It will add to my knowledge and skills that I can use personally and work. There are lots of terms I've learned and are new to me, and are hard to understand but this is the essence of it to research and dig deeper until we comprehend.

Thank you so much Coursera and to the University of Colorado.

By Deb S

Jul 29, 2020

This course was excellent. Very tightly put together, with a high proportion of useful information. My only problem, sometimes complicated charts or infographics are only on screen for a very short time. I felt like I could have gotten more from them if they were included in the notes/transcript under the video. Oh, also the transcripts were very useful, since there was little extraneous info it would have been hard to keep up with manual note-taking. Thanks very much for offering this.

By Maxim P

Sep 27, 2020

I really enjoyed taking this course, it provided a lot of new and useful information, the questions, tasks and assesments were appropriate and the explanations were easy to follow in my eyes. even though there were some points regarding nutrition which I would not agree upon 100%, all in all, I can say that this course is really useful if you expect to get a generall overview about the mechanisms in the body during exercise and also dive into some research and studies .

By Brenda H

Sep 3, 2019

I am studying to be a Nutritionist and wanted to add knowledge of Exercise into my training; which is not offered as a class in Nutrition. This has been a very good addition to my knowledge and I have already been using the knowledge gained in my everyday reference when talking about Nutrition. However, one take away that was not expected is this course is focused more on the needs of a Coach or for Occupational/Physical Therapist and less for the Nutritionist.

By Philippe R

May 8, 2020

Thank you very much Robert Mazzeo and Coursera for this excellent course, which you are kindly making available at no cost to people around the world!

I look forward to a possible continuation/extension at some point to improve one's practice of endurance as well as strength training for optimal results, maintain fitness as much as possible during periods of injuries, learn more about nutritional guidelines based on the latest research findings, etc.

By Paul N

May 28, 2020

Dr Robert Mazzeo has created an exceptional course which is enhanced by his well structured and clear delivery of the content. the end of module quizzes and the final peer group review essay which further improved my understanding. I unhesitatingly recommend this course - and indeed already have done so - to anyone interesting in learning about the Science of Exercise. I hope you enjoy the course as much as I have. And thank you again to Dr Mazzeo.

By Felix D

Oct 14, 2019

The course surprised me positively. Although I already had a coherent knowledge, I could benefit extremely much. I would like to send a huge compliment to the course author. In addition to extreme expertise, I was enthusiastic about his way of communicating, his presentations and the understandable nature of his explanation, although my English knowledge is not too good, I could follow the course. This clearly speaks for the course in my view!

By Edwin G

Apr 1, 2018

The course is a great intro to physiology with a heavy bent toward exercise. Four weeks is a nice intro and sets you up for some of the longer more in depth courses. The lectures are spot on without a wasted word. The outside readings support the lectures, but some readings require subscriptions to see - that said, you don't need to have all the readings. Heavy emphasis on the Fick Equation and endurance training for a better life.

By Martin J

Mar 17, 2021

The course Science of Exercise is very enriching for exercise enthusiasts. Include the basics of training adaptation principles. The knowledge is very actual and supplemented by appropriate scientific literature, some information could be more up to date. I have PhD. in Sports Educology and can recommend this course for everyone interesting in sport, exercise, basic training principles, especially in the field of endurance training.

By Borisova N Y

Apr 28, 2020

If you need further training, if you've wanted to learn something for a long time, or if you're just constantly in the process. Then you are in coursera! If quality learning is important for you, you are interested in learning from world-renowned universities. Then you in coursera! If you do not have the time or opportunity to attend courses offline, or just in your city you are not interested in courses. Then you in coursera!

By Renata R

Aug 19, 2020

Muito explicativo, dá diversos exemplos e nos disponibiliza diversas evidências científicas do que está sendo ensinado. É um curso realmente completo e que acrescentou. Sou estudante de nutrição e achei que não teria muita informação sobre minha área, mas realmente teve bastante (acho que poderia ter algo sobre micronutrientes também, assim estaria perfeito).

Agradeço muito a oportunidade de ter feito este curso tão bom!!!

By Ganapathy K P

Feb 16, 2021

A great course that explored different areas of exercise physiology and it's various components. The Course was delivered in an understandable systematic manner whereby basic science and research evidence was given. All different aspect of training was taught which is useful if you going into the field of sports. The course is quite capable and doable in terms of the time provided. Definitely would recommend to others.

By Eshwarya A

Apr 26, 2020

This was a great introductory course and greatly broadened my understanding of the physiological mechanisms of exercise, how training adaptations occur, how exercise can be used to prevent and treat many diseases and so on. It's not an overly lengthy course but it still manages to be comprehensive, with brilliant explanations by the course instructor. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who's interested.

By Alice Z

Nov 29, 2018

In truth I did not "do" the course but watched most of for the information I needed to update for personal health. I found the lectures well done. Explanations done in simple, factual body and chemicals allows this course to be of benefit to anyone desiring to improve endurance or strength while improving overall health. In addition myths are dispelled; evidence prevented when myths are not myths. Well done!

By Rohit K S

Aug 23, 2020

I cannot emphasize enough about how much I enjoyed this course. It was a life changing course for me. I have been a fitness conscious person throughout my life however could not continue exercising regularly enough. After this course not only I will try to do exercise everyday but also inspire my near and dear ones to do the same. A special Thanks to the Professor Mr Robert Mazzeo for designing this course!!

By Shivam A

May 17, 2020

This is an amazing course by The University. I am very grateful that i had attending this course. With the help of this course i am able to learn more and more in this covoid-19 by sitting at home . This course help me to know the body functions more accurately, when we doing the exercises our body perform different functions and by now i know more about that. thank you for this amazing course.