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People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For the first time in history, business leaders can make decisions about their people based on deep analysis of data rather than the traditional methods of personal relationships, decision making based on experience, and risk avoidance. In this brand new course, three of Wharton’s top professors, all pioneers in the field of people analytics, will explore the state-of-the-art techniques used to recruit and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies. They’ll explain how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. This course is an introduction to the theory of people analytics, and is not intended to prepare learners to perform complex talent management data analysis. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how and when hard data is used to make soft-skill decisions about hiring and talent development, so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner in your company’s talent management decisions. This course is intended to introduced you to Organizations flourish when the people who work in them flourish. Analytics can help make both happen. This course in People Analytics is designed to help you flourish in your career, too....

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Dec 21, 2018

Thank you so much for this very helpful module! I hope you continue to inspire HR professionals around the world to use HR Analytics as an important means to drive organizational-related decisions.


Jul 13, 2021

Thank you respected instructors & the instituiton for creating such a knowlegeable course. I hope to use the knowlegde gained to the utopian ideas you shared:)

Best Regards,

Ankur Jain, India

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Jun 3, 2020

It was great learning from such experienced mentors and they got us very deep insights of research. however there were some grey lines as per me, methodologies, and actual working was expected from my side and practical application. Secondly, the language issue, as they were very clear about the language but the frequency and the level they were talking was a bit difficult to catch but watching it twice or thrice can help, that's not much of an issue. well apart from the issues that i have mentioned i more of a positive perspective towards this course, making the concept clear was the brightest side of the course and recommend even others to pursue this course and additional linking course that will be a great help in the analytical world.

By Shailesh S

Dec 18, 2015

Very nice foundation level course. Based on many courses I have taken so far, I have high expectations from the ones offered by Wharton (Univ of Pennsylvania), this one met the expectations. Good content at even at introductory level. At least for weeks 1 to 3. Week 4 was a bit weak, not much substance, can use some modifications for making it better. Thanks to professors for sharing their knowledge and all the people involved in producing it. Some quiz questions weren't good (not clear from Q as well as A perspectives), and I wish the course had more interactions with professors, other students and community TAs. And, of course, a free "Statement of Accomplishment" would have been awesome. In any case, overall good course, worth taking.

By Vishnu M R

Apr 28, 2020

Module 1 was particularly difficult to understand because it involved a lot of statistics.Whereas the other modules were relatively easier to grasp.Also some of the examples given were in American context it is difficult for non Americans to understand the examples such as NFL, Baseball etc.If the examples were chosen based on the most popular sports (universally played sports) such as football or tennis it would have been more easier to grasp.Also as a precursor to this course, one can introduce the basics of statistics which will help us understand the statistical examples, tools and algorithms that you are covering in the "People Analytics" Course.Overall I liked the course except for the few things mentioned above.

By Sampurna M

Apr 27, 2020

This is a great course that provides a comprehensive overview of People Analytics concepts and applications. I'd strongly recommend it to HR professionals looking to understand this burgeoning field. It really got me thinking about applications in my own organisation. Two ways in which this course might be improved - first, some of the examples could be more tailored to an international audience (case studies on American sports are difficult to follow if you're not familiar with the rules and terminology) , and second, including more practical examples of the statistical methods mentioned would help bring the theory to life.

By Sugandha S

Oct 17, 2016

Great course to get the basic knowledge of People Analytics. Looking forward to learning more about it. The professors have done a great job explaining every point.

The reason I gave this course 4 stars and not 5 is because I felt the use of sports examples was a bit hard for me to relate to and understand. To some extent it made sense but if you don't know much about sports, it might be a bit hard to grasp an understanding right away.

But overall, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about hiring, organizational challenges, people analytics in general.

By Jonas O

Jan 2, 2019

Really liked the course. The only thing is I find it dives too quickly into specific examples and approaches, while I would have expected an introductory course on People Analytics to remain more general. E.g. this is what I found in the last part of the course: how to be a good analyst, how to build a people analytics team, how to influence your organization. I would have expected these last topics to be the main part of the course.

Excellent use of online tools, e.g. I also appreciated the combination of videos, quiz and reading.

By Marko R

May 27, 2020

Very interesting course with great lecturers! Unfortunately, I'm assuming it was designed as an introduction to people analytics theory (and as such is a 5* course) but I'm still disappointed that it had no practical part where we can actually see the data and numbers in effect. Also, I think a mention of an important bias is omitted - measuring performance on a certain metric but discouraging or hindering employees to actively pursue the required metric.

Nevertheless, a very useful and enjoyable course!

By Sofija J

Jun 22, 2020

I really liked academic approach to this popular subject in modern HR world. The instructors have covered various areas of people analytics in nice and understandable manner. On the other side, since this is a dynamic area, maybe it would be useful to review the course each year and come up with some more recent studies and/or examples from good business practices. Also, adding some basic statistics module to the course might be benefitial for some viewers with no much education in this field.

By akanksha m

May 14, 2021

Thank you so much, to Coursera and all the three professors, for creating this course and presenting it to us.

We got a good insight into the topic of 'People Analytics.

Thank you, to all the professors, for presenting all the topics so beautifully to us, especially Martina ma'am. I enjoyed your module the most, ma'am. Thank you.

Take care, everyone, and once again, thank you, Coursera, for being a provider of knowledge and education. I owe you a lot. We all do.

Stay safe. Be healthy.

By Vijayalakshmi N

Jul 15, 2020

I found this course very useful as it illustrates the various facets of people analytics. The instructors were very good and gave sufficient examples to support and explain the various topics in the course. I'm eager to know if I will be able to put my learning into practice - as was rightly pointed out by the instructors that the field is still being created and not devoid of organizational challenges. However, I am quite excited to have completed the course.

By Naren M

May 25, 2020

Breadth of topics presented during the course is very impressive. The instructors demonstrate expertise in their respective areas. I have developed an increased level of respect for the field of People Analytics and how it can benefit not only individuals but also teams, organizations and eventually industries. There is a great need to exercise caution on how analytics is applied in this context, which have been aptly brought forward by the instructors.

By Hedy Y

May 27, 2019

got a good brief introduction of People Analytics, love Professor Massey's way to teach, giving some practical example to understand the concept. Prof. Bidwell gave some hints on statistic which are very helpful and essential for data analyst. Prof. Haas's introduction to organization analytics is new to me, hope can give more hands-on example, especially on measure and evaluate part. Thanks a lot. Big data VS smart data is very challenging.

By Ajinkya P

Apr 12, 2020

Course is great in building the conceptual understanding about using data in people functions. It really addresses the nitty gritties of day to day HR activities and how one should tackle them with the use of data, but I would like to see it with more of practical exposure with the case studies, actual assignments with each module coming in which would be a great handson experience and will help us learn in better.

By Haris H

Mar 6, 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It gave me a good foundation of People Analytics. However, i am extremely keen to focus on Staffing Analytics and Talent Analytics. I want to further explore these 2 topics and work with practical real world examples and case studies in order to implement them in my organization. I would appreciate if I am provided the right guidance regarding the same.

Best regards,


By Vinayak M M

Mar 24, 2018

Hi, Thank you for such a wonderful course in People Analytics. It helped me to understand basics of data and how it can be used and utilized in organizational decision making. The course makes me curious about data analytics and prompted me go for more in this field. Thank you again.

I have deducted one star because the speed of English speaking is faster than my capability of comprehension. -;)


Nov 6, 2020

I like that the teachers explained with a lot of detail some of the common problems faced when working with people analytics, however I wished I had seen more depth in some of the analysis that can be made or maybe some materials about formulating performance evaluations, rotation programs, network analysis, etc., in order to have a broader understanding of the different situations explained

By Michael C

Jun 29, 2020

Good introductory course for someone with no prior experience in statistics or HR. The course takes a conceptual macro approach that assumes students have an overview of the entire organisation, which makes it easy to understand most of the core ideas. However, applying these concepts within the smaller context of a team within a larger organisation will be a bit more challenging.

By Jenny T

Oct 30, 2017

The course provides a broad general overview of what people analytics is, the types of questions that can be answered with data, and provides helpful examples from the field of business and sports. The lecturers are clear. However, I would have liked a bit more information on the actual tools and methods so that I can better consume/ understand this data and make better decisions.

By Sandip M

Aug 16, 2020

The course was a good introduction to People Analytics and gives good food for thought on how to conduct various HR activities in a more planned manner. However, if there were a little more hands-on approach it would have been perfect. The lecturers are no doubt very talents and it was a good touch to add the last 20 mins video of them discussing the effects on people analytics.

By Sampada N

Jan 16, 2017

This is a great course that gives a starting point and a framework for your people analytics journey. Though I expected a few more actual tools and techniques kind of inputs , this course did a good job at enabling me to ask the right questions when I do a piece of analysis, which is much more important.

A must do course for all people leaders and not just HR professionals.

By Gabriela E L M

Dec 13, 2016

Well explained, instructors show knowledge and experience in the area. Interesting, specially the topics to avoid pitfalls, cognitive biases, etc.

I thought that the Collaboration part was too abstract, some examples of What was measured, How (with numbers), the changes that happened in Collaboration and the measured Outcomes would definitely improve this part of the course.

By Mario M F

Jun 18, 2016

Objectively analyzing the capabilties of people is very important in order to avoid the subjectivity. This provides an equal playing field for everyone. I really appreciate the feedback and techniques we got. I did however feel the Organizatinal Network Analysis was too general, and didn't provide much specific details. But it was a good overall background on the subject.


Apr 17, 2020

worth learning it! great! But i still think it's hard to embark on people analytics with network analysis or collecting data via questionaire which is very tough and costly. To be honest, that applying the academically scientific method to corporate's practical issues is impractical and difficult for normal companies,of course except for consulting industry, and HR.


By Maria F P

Apr 18, 2021

The course gives relevant insights into how analytics can be used to enhance talent management. It especially focuses on performance management. the content is high level, the professors are engaging, easy to follow and stimulate critical thinking. While it's an excellent overview on the topic, it doesn't dive deeper into statistics or talent management processes.

By Luis G C

Aug 5, 2020

The ourse is very good and gives good insight into the topic, and I am happy I completed it. I rate it 4 because, even though it is clear that is not a statistics course, and that the learners should have a good statistical background, I think that they should have made a little more effort to relate many concepts to realistic solutions and practical measurements.