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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau by Duke University

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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analyses to any kind of audience member. Even the most sophisticated statistical analyses are not useful to a business if they do not lead to actionable advice, or if the answers to those business questions are not conveyed in a way that non-technical people can understand. In this course you will learn how to become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. By the end, you will know how to structure your data analysis projects to ensure the fruits of your hard labor yield results for your stakeholders. You will also know how to streamline your analyses and highlight their implications efficiently using visualizations in Tableau, the most popular visualization program in the business world. Using other Tableau features, you will be able to make effective visualizations that harness the human brain’s innate perceptual and cognitive tendencies to convey conclusions directly and clearly. Finally, you will be practiced in designing and persuasively presenting business “data stories” that use these visualizations, capitalizing on business-tested methods and design principles....

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Sep 3, 2021

A course which eases the life of beginners! Exposure to real data through the exercises gave the flavor of real business scenario. Enjoyed the course and the instructor's lectures made it more lucid.

Jul 3, 2016

Thanks very much for great content and especially, Ms. Jana Schaich Borg for brilliant presentation skills, lovely voice and good looking as well. Please participate. This is highly recommend course.

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By Sangy

Feb 23, 2020

More feedback on assingments and projects wouldbe good.

By Isha S

May 16, 2020


By Yash M

Oct 22, 2020

very brief and basic


Jun 4, 2020

not for beginner!

By Prantik S

Jun 13, 2021

Excellent Course

By Diana J

Mar 8, 2021

Más ejemplos

By Katherine H

Oct 20, 2021

The public version of Tableau did not relate to the videos starting from week 2. A lot of time and effort was spent trying to get around the processes that no longer translated from the videos. The concepts were great, but trying to follow along in the tutorial after watching the videos where a process was explained that no longer applied was frustrating and time consuming. The work arounds posted in the forums were largely helpful in getting you going in the right direction, but were not 100% accurate. Week three was where it all went awry with blending of data and table calculations. One of the videos was completely wrong for Tableau Public, and there was no pop up window to correct or instruct on how to perform the action, it just came out wrong each time I tried it. According to the forums I was not alone. I suggest a pop up with instructions on how to complete this section, or to remove the video and add it as a reading section. It was confusing.

By Marco B

Oct 31, 2021

The course is well taught and the explanations are clear, however the thing that disappointed me is that just 2 out of 4 weeks are about the use of Tableau.

It's true that the professor encourages us to discover and practice Tableau by ourselves, and this is fine, but I would expect to learn more about Tableau in a course about Tableau. I would have preferred more lessons on the use of the software and less on other themes like the business analyst role or the communication techniques.

By Sonal A

May 27, 2020

Pathetic audio quality. no orders or mentions that the in-class assignments will be used later in final project so one needs to save them. Poorly designed course.

By Pranay L

May 8, 2021

No great things are explained properly I would not recommend doing this course to anyone.

By Eduardo P

Jun 11, 2021

O​nly 2 out of 5 weeks are really focused on acquiring Tableau skills

By Esther-Alexandra N

Dec 29, 2019

This course is too much time-consuming.

By Wai H T

Feb 4, 2021

I have been a long time user of Coursera, and this is easily one of the worst course in terms of design and moderator support. The quiz is super difficult, not due to the technical level or knowledge required, but the way the course is structured: throughout all the video lectures they use one dataset, and in the practice exercise they use another. Most of the time I don't even know the requirement of the questions to attempt to answer.

That is not even the worst problem, because the practice exercise was presented using paragraphs after paragraphs of TEXT ONLY! Not only that, most other courses would structure the practice exercise as an ungraded quiz so that learners can at least know if they got the approach correct or not, but not this bad course. They just give you pages after pages of text that describe the practice exercise, without even some screen-caps to show you the steps!

Furthermore, the lecture video is using a version of Tableau that is very outdated and no information was provided to assist the learners as far as how they should adapt to the new version of Tableau. You must rely on ploughing through threads of discussion forum for help.

I will never take courses from this from this provider and recommend you to do the same.

By Filatova D

Apr 9, 2021

Only two weeks are dedicated to Tableau. The project is very confusing. You must give an oral presentation and make impressions. It has little in common with data processing. You are free to do whatever you want and how you want. The “quality” issues are not important. The forum has only one goal - to ask for reviews of projects. As for me, it was a very poor course.

By Kristoffer H

Apr 5, 2018

Course moderators delete your posts seeking help regarding access to mandatory software that requires obtaining a key from the moderators for the vague reason of "clarity" as the reason for deleting your post without attempting to seek additional information.

By Scott W

Apr 19, 2020

Very disappointed with the teaching in this course. The software was amazing and with more depth spent on how to use the software the course objectives might have been reached. Very, very disappointed - wasted $360!!

By Arpit G

Dec 5, 2020

no support from moderators or mentors. this course has the potential of be a part of the top courses on coursera but it turns out to be a complete disaster.

By Rahul R

Feb 4, 2021

I completed the whole course duly, and still didn't get any certificate as promised. Please provide me my certificate I want it for my resume.


Jun 21, 2021

A very good course but i'm giving it 1 star because i bought the course but it is still asking me to upgrade to get the certification

By Spencer H

Feb 6, 2016

Tableau is garbage and their assignment practice questions don't work


Jun 10, 2020

It automatically enroll me while im looking the details