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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Anatomy: Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems by University of Michigan

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About the Course

In this anatomy course, part of the Anatomy Specialization, you will learn how the components of the integumentary system help protect our body (epidermis, dermis, hair, nails, and glands), and how the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and skeletal muscles) protects and allows the body to move. You will engage with fascinating videos, lectures, and anatomical visual materials (illustrations and cadaveric images) to learn about these properties and functions....

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Nov 2, 2020

I give you a give Star cause you are a great and good course and I have more information to know to this topic thank you so much and also thank you to a professor here thank you ma'am God bless


Dec 3, 2021

I am very pleased with the initial course in this specialization. The four-week duration is perfect for the amount of weekly hours I could put in. I expect to start the next course right away.

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By Luísa N d C S

Apr 24, 2020

Very thorough and yet concise explanation of anatomy basics, including bones, joints, muscles overview, and skin. By far the best health course I have ever taken on this platform. I really enjoyed it!

By nica o

Nov 3, 2020

I give you a give Star cause you are a great and good course and I have more information to know to this topic thank you so much and also thank you to a professor here thank you ma'am God bless

By Mohamed N E

May 10, 2020

It is such a great revision of musculoskeletal system and i like the way doctor give the lectures. I am really grateful because i learned a lot. THANKS

By Azzeddine D

Mar 17, 2020

I am not regret my enrollment to this specialization course, because I was not suspect this amount of knowledge that I got after.

By Gloria E A S

Aug 5, 2019

Es un excelente curso, lo volvería a tomar

By Osama I E E

Jun 2, 2019

excellent course with a perfect instructor

By sharon m

May 27, 2019

The content is vvery well delivered.

By Mahmoud K K

Sep 8, 2019

Thank you very much

By Deleted A

Mar 4, 2019

Excellent course

By Ronei C

Apr 11, 2019

muito bom!

By Sebastian A S M F

Aug 21, 2019


By Pillai N

Apr 11, 2019


By Grace S L

Aug 12, 2019


By Minh K T

Nov 4, 2019



Jun 6, 2020

Con respecto al contenido estuvo realmente sintetizado, interesante y excelente. Pero el verdadero problema para alguien extranjera, como yo, es el tema de la traducción, que en ciertos vídeos no estaban, obviamente no fue un gran proceso traducirlo, sin embargo leer en una página la traducción y luego seguir el vídeo si fue un pleito.

Thanks a lot

By Raymond E

Nov 16, 2020

Very informative and loads of prep work to be had before embarking on this course. This is not a beginner course as stated but more like a pre-med accompaniment course

Loads of spelling errors in the subtitles and scripts of the spoken word can be found throughout the course.

By Melanie S

Jul 23, 2020



By Luann T

May 19, 2019

Super fast for a beginner, but plenty of information provided for an excellent overview. LOVED Kathleen Alsup!

By Nisuli M M

Jan 1, 2021

The course was indeed very educational and informative. The professor also taught it well and in a very understandable and simple manner. The presentations were well done too and I really liked the fact that she used actual structures for the explanations rather than just diagrams. Had small issues, but overall, great course! Thank you!

By Hnidenko A

May 24, 2020

So much pathological things, I think is not appropriate of normal anatomy course!

By Apoorva M

Jul 27, 2021

I thought it would help me but I couldn't understand it much. I found it a bit boring & I think there should be pictures too to explain skull videos. Couldn't keep up with the assignments as well. Almost gave up on it.

Few videos were okay & that's why I'm giving it 2 stars.

By Rami E O

Jul 12, 2020

The course is too general and by itself is insufficient to cover a solid anatomical basis.

By Richrokk

Jul 7, 2022

This course was surprisingly challenging and rewarding. I wasn't prepared for the depth of the subject matter and thought it would be like pursuing a Udemy type course...WRONG! Most students will need to take good notes and review the material with careful study to pass most of the tests. I recommend finding a good physiology textbook to supplement your studies during this course. Only having the short lecturess and transcript available wasn't enough for me to confidently sit for the tests, so supplemental materials were very helpful.

I had a better than average understanding of the subject material before signing up for the course and really didn't expect so much of a challenge so be warned: take this seriously and expect to be stretched a bit.

By Isabella W

Nov 26, 2022

This course was great! As an undergrad studying physiotherapy, this formed fantastic foundational knowledge of the musculoskeletal and integumentary systems. The video lectures were effectively organized and coherent, with very little to be desired.

A few things I would warn you about, however, is some of the exam questions are not covered in the lectures, so some extra individual work is required here. Additionally, the cadaveric images, while interesting, sometimes made it difficult to distinguish between muscles and other structures.

Overall, this was a great beginner course that I would recommend for anyone in the healthcare field.

By Samantha S

Apr 25, 2020

Incredibly informative. I'm a high school graduate with no further education on record beyond that and I found the layout of this course perfect for comprehension, as long as you're willing to put in the time and be at least a little dedicated. Definitely take this course if interested - having interest helps with comprehension and retention of the information. I also highly recommend the use of note-taking. Thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you :)