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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life by The University of Edinburgh

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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth....

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Jul 24, 2020

A great opportunity to learn a lot of things especially in terms of seeking the origin of life here on our planet Earth and beyond in the vast universe. Thank you for the knowledge and everything.

Sep 15, 2020

A great opportunity to learn a lot of things especially in terms of seeking the origin of life here on our planet Earth and beyond in the vast universe. Thank you for the knowledge and everything.

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By Douglas R

Sep 14, 2020

Solid course but no new research since 2014 which really shows with the exoplanets and some of the more recent space missions. Perhaps a updating including some of the data from the recent Venus discovery would be in order.

By Nguyễn H T

Aug 14, 2015

The professor explained all the issues clearly. The lectures cover many interesting aspects of astrobiology.

I would wish for more updated news though. For example, the New Horizons spacecraft has already reached Pluto.

By Robin t B

Aug 19, 2015

Very interesting, the professor is a great teller. Unfortunately the tests in week 4 are pretty bad, and the order of the lectures in week 1 and 2 seems off. Well worth 5 stars without these two imperfections.

By Juan R O

Feb 6, 2016

Excellent course, I learned a lot but I think it should have some peer reviewed assignments, like a little research on some topic, so that you have to look for information and learn a lot more in the process.

By Sarah S

Feb 21, 2018

Really solid information and well thought out. I do wish it was updated more recently, as this is a fast-moving field and some information is now missing or out-of-date. Still very worth taking regardless.

By 13. N A

Nov 11, 2018

This was a very informative course and it widened my field of thinking and knowledge. I was amused by the vast amounts of wonders that this Universe has to offer. I thank the Professor for this.

By Raghav M

Aug 6, 2020

It is a really nice course. Learned a lot about our universe . But if things would be a little more in detail then it would have been perfect. But still it was really nice learning this course.

By Kurt M

Sep 8, 2015

I really enjoyed learning about astrobiology. We certainly live in interesting times, and this course does an excellent job introducing the students to the current topics and technologies.

By Mason W

Jun 1, 2020

Really interesting course- both scientific and philosophical. This course is a great overview of astrobiology and gives insight into a more niche area of science not offered at school.

By Luciano D

Nov 17, 2015

A very good course, very well presented and didactic.

It would be interesting if it were upgraded to the latest results (2013-2015)

regardless, I recommend it to everyone interested.

By Tina C

Mar 5, 2017

The syllabus needs a bit of update, as many new developments happened since this course was put together. Nonetheless, still very much relevant as an introduction to astrobiology.

By Rohan S

Sep 24, 2017

It is necessary to include the recent findings in Astrobiology and outcome of recent space missions. Probably a new module that includes these topics can be added to the course.

By Nancy M H M

Aug 15, 2020

Me gustó mucho el curso, es bueno para conocer las bases y es interesante el tema. SIn embargo, me gustaría que estuviera traducido para poder abarcar a un público más amplio

By Lahja S

May 26, 2020

Super interesting, well-made and a pleasant experience! Maybe a little bit annoying how old the course is. But I´d still recommend this to people interested in the subject.

By Charby O D M

Apr 16, 2020

The course is a really good start point in the study of astrobiology. Hopefully, there are more specific courses we can undertake in particular topics of this wide field.

By Ylah J C

Sep 3, 2020

I am a geologist, and this course in my opinion was more focused on Historical Geology. I expected more of the astronomy and SETI part. However, I enjoyed it very much.

By Martin K

Oct 4, 2016

This was a simple and interesting course I would love it to be a little bit broader and present the information in more context. But still excellent course.

By Simon B

Aug 18, 2015

Great introduction to the field of astrobiology. Captivating and very interesting - only problem is that it is too short. I would love to learn more !

By Julia C

Aug 13, 2015

This is a very interesting course looking at the rise of life on Earth and what that can teach us about how life may have emerged on other planets.

By Siddharth P

Jan 2, 2016

Loved the brief lectures and well structured layout. Definitely a must for those stepping into this wonderful area of multidisciplinary research!

By srivatsava

Nov 18, 2018

Excellent Course by The University Of Edinburgh. But some of Information Should be Updated based on current Data Like No.of Exoplanets etc.

By Karla E

Aug 27, 2020

I think the course should be updated, since it is almost 10 years old and there have been changes in the studied field in the past decade.

By Brenda K M G

Aug 18, 2020


By Jose A M

Apr 7, 2020

Enjoyed very much this clear course. I recommend it for anyone interested in life, not only on our planet but elsewhere. Thanks.

By Ahmad B

Oct 28, 2015

Great course on a fascinating area of science. The presentation could have been a bit more engaging with some animations though.