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Learner Reviews & Feedback for EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian? by The University of Edinburgh

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About the Course

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about Veterinary Medicine, giving a “taster” of courses covered in the first year of a veterinary degree and an idea of what it is like to study Veterinary Medicine....

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Dec 14, 2019

The course has been really fascinating and interesting, covering a variety of aspects in the veterinary profession. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a vet in the future.


Feb 24, 2018

This course is very suitable for A level students who want to study Veterinary Medicine at university as it covers the role of a vet as well as teaching some basic skills and knowledge. It is bas

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By Avas M M

Jul 12, 2020

Well, I finished in just 7 days, and I sill am learning the history.... was it really interesting? I may say my interest wasn't particularly in history but I was amazed. I was addicted upto week 3 and then i started slaging off i dont know why... every teachings was extarordinary...Best of my pets

By Claire B

Apr 12, 2022

it was very educational and i definitely learned so much new materials. the small quizzes and exams of each week helped me understand and review what i learned. the anatomy was pretty challenging however it was a good week to take notes and understand how the lungs and heart works.

By Ashleigh P

Jan 12, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it provided interesting insights into learning veterinary medicine which I haven't obtained from other research and work experience. Some aspects were quite simple, but overall I think the course gives a good, brief overview of each topic.

By Taliyah T

Oct 22, 2021

I found it very useful as it helped me make my decision on whether to pursue veterinary studies any further. The only critique I would say is that there should be more information on an average day as a vet or a vet student rather than a whole section on history .

By He W

Sep 27, 2016

Thank you for everything in this course, it open a door for me. I like animals and I like to take care of them, during my career, I always thinking to change my job to become a vet. This lesson give me a lot of consideration about my future career. Thank you.

By Amy C

Aug 21, 2020

This was an excellent course to get to grips with what you might come across at university. It really gives you a good insight and the practice quizzes before the assessments are great - more of those would make the course even better!

By George S P

Jun 4, 2020

Very informative, fun and interesting. Would love to see more of Fram. Maybe transcripts of the video lectures would be helpful for those who don't wish to re-watch whole 15 minute episodes. Thank you for the course!

By Ian W W

Oct 2, 2019

A worth while course that allows you to get a taste for the subjects and course structure of a veterinary degree and to see what the profession will include, as well as delving in the history of veterinary medicine.

By Raymond K B

Nov 26, 2016

The knowledge share is really good, thought provoking as well as precise and straight to the point. Although, it is very basic, it refreshes your minds on veterinary practice and new things are learnt.

By Desmond B

Jul 26, 2016

A great introduction to the variety of knowledge and skills a first year veterinary student encounters. Found the content regarding animal care, body systems and clinical skills interesting.

By Niyi O

May 27, 2021

It is great course that you can learn from. I was in the middle of a pandemic and also preparing to do mocks but I was still able to complete the course because it is flexible.

By Diana M G

Jan 8, 2017

Muy interesante y práctico, perfecto para quienes piensan estudiarlo en un futuro. Está bien explicado, así que es posible entenderlo (aunque esté en otro idioma).

By Emily P

Dec 15, 2015

It was a great course with a very good general overview of veterinary studies and the profession. Week 1 definitely could have been broken up into two weeks!

By Jennifer D

Dec 21, 2021

This was a very interesting and valuable course to be a part of. I learnt a lot of valuable skills that I can use in vet school interviews and daily life

By Jm K

Jul 5, 2016

Great lectures and information. I wasn't terribly interested in all of the Week 5 lessons, but still I definitely acknowledge that history is important.

By Ana K S C

Dec 1, 2020

Muy completo para el poco tiempo que lleva, me ayudó mucho a darme una perspectiva de lo que es ser veterinaria, lo recomiendo ampliamente.

By Klaudia K

Nov 23, 2019

Very informative and enjoyable. I found it a very good indication of whether or not Veterinary Medicine was the right choice for me!

By Rosamund S

Apr 11, 2019

Really enjoyed it! Though I worry that because you can just re-take the tests as much as you want it doesn't actually "test" you

By Huey S K

May 31, 2016

Great course if you want to know more about the program in Edinburgh. It's also great for those curious about the profession!

By Alex M

Jan 14, 2016

i think these types of courses are great for students wanting to enroll in a veterinary school. thanks for all your support.

By Jenny S

Nov 22, 2019

some videos can be very long making it hard to focus if you just have to listen to someone speaking for the whole video

By Kylie B

Jan 13, 2023

Really easy to do and I'm in seventh grade! Just maby update the videos and make them more modern and easier to hear.

By Mabel V

May 12, 2020

Very informative, but I think we could have went a little more in depth into hands-on veterinary material.

By Danielle G

May 20, 2022

Pretty neat course!! Id love to get into vet science more!! Too bad I dont like chemistry or calculus

By Dave E

Jan 18, 2021

gives a good preface on which you can build a good foundation. No matter what country you are from