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What is a black hole? Do they really exist? How do they form? How are they related to stars? What would happen if you fell into one? How do you see a black hole if they emit no light? What’s the difference between a black hole and a really dark star? Could a particle accelerator create a black hole? Can a black hole also be a worm hole or a time machine? In Astro 101: Black Holes, you will explore the concepts behind black holes. Using the theme of black holes, you will learn the basic ideas of astronomy, relativity, and quantum physics. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Describe the essential properties of black holes. • Explain recent black hole research using plain language and appropriate analogies. • Compare black holes in popular culture to modern physics to distinguish science fact from science fiction. • Describe the application of fundamental physical concepts including gravity, special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics to reported scientific observations. • Recognize different types of stars and distinguish which stars can potentially become black holes. • Differentiate types of black holes and classify each type as observed or theoretical. • Characterize formation theories associated with each type of black hole. • Identify different ways of detecting black holes, and appropriate technologies associated with each detection method. • Summarize the puzzles facing black hole researchers in modern science....

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Jan 1, 2021

The course was very interesting . I loved that the expainations used references to known movies and TV shows, it made the more entartaining and made me try to use the formulas I learned in real life.


Jul 30, 2020

i love this course, everything from knowledge to the visual and scientific data, this course amazed me.

i thanking to all the person in this course to sharing this knowledge in such an amazing way

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By Dennis B

Sep 21, 2022

I was very pleased with the presentations and how much I learned in this course. I have two suggestions:

First, please add a RESUME button at the top of the page that comes up first when I click on the link to the course instead of making me scroll down to the Week I am currently studying and finding the Resume button there.

More inportantly, it would help a lot if, once I took and passed the test, that you then take me to the questions I answered incorrectly and attach relevant text so that I learn what I had not understood or remembered. I learn from my mistakes and I assume I'm not alone.


Jul 7, 2020

I am a postgraduate student pursuing masters in Physics. I really enjoyed this course and it also refreshed the old and basic concepts to me. Lately, I had lost my passion towards the subject but completing this course has reignited my passion towards astrophysics. If the University of Alberta is reading this I would really like to hear back from you and I would like to know about how to pursue a research/PhD n astrophysics. If given the chance, I would also like to work with your amazing staff. Thank you so much. This was an amazing journey.

By Juan V

Feb 10, 2019

Un excelente curso. Un curso muy actualizado con recientes descubrimientos, pero que explica muy bien los principios físicos involucrados con la formación y desarrollo de los agujeros negros. Una excelente combinación de exposiciones de 4 excelentes profesores que exponen muy bien los principios. Un curso que trasmite lo que conocemos pero también lo que desconocemos de los agujeros negros, explica muy bien como los científicos desarrollan teorías y las pruebas por medio de la observación rigurosa. Felicitaciones.

By John K H

Nov 13, 2018

Learned a lot about black holes which weren't even mentioned in my astronomy books when I first started being interested in astronomy when I was a boy as my dad (a former RAF navigator taught me to find my way round the sky) Interestingly enough the clip of the train demonstrating the Doppler effect was shot at Brandon - one of his "targets" during his training a Rivers Manitoba in 1942!

A great course which really stimulated the old grey cells and as far as I can say to be highly recommended!

John H

By Heinz D

Jul 31, 2021

One of the most excellent courses I've ever experienced, created by passionate subject matter specialists. Good language (clear, precise, adequate pace) is used by the lecturers and the visual material and transcripts are good. Good intuitions are taught for fundamentally complex concepts. The quizzes for each module are on the right level and there are no peer reviews forcing students to wait unreasonably long before they can continue. Recommended to everyone with an interest in the subject.


Sep 14, 2020

Very interesting course. As I started working as an electrical engineer in an observatory developing the front end stage for a receiver for radio astronomy, I started to have many questions about the nature of the observations that are studied in the facility. This course helped me to have many of the answers I was looking for and explained the objectives of the international collaborations between other observatories I've read in many documents. Thank you for such a rich course.

By Anastasiia G

Dec 14, 2019

This course is exceptional and was so much more than I expected.

The depth to which we go on the subject, the wealth of material, the presentation, the fun, the extremely likable and amazing teachers - all make this course an incredible experience.

In all fairness, the course is too low-priced for its value, as so much thought, effort and time went into creating it.

University of Alberta really does create absolute best courses. Highly recommend this and other courses by UofA.

By Niyathi Y

Mar 3, 2019

I am 14 years old. This course is the bestttt!! I love how the teachers discuss the fundamentals and the basic concepts of the course before they dive into the topic. Right now I am totally loving this course. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in astronomy and astrophysics. You don’t even need to have a lot of pre requisite knowledge for this. You can directly start it. The professors are really good at explaining the concept. This. Course. Is. Amazing.

By Roman M

Mar 20, 2022

It's a very iteresting course, systematic, cosiquent, comprehensive! I knew some about black holes, but this course filled in my mind the gaps in this topic. And also it directed me to deep into some specific areas touching these interesting astrophysical objects. I highly appreciate the people who worked on this! I like this course and will suggest it to my pupils from my course on astophysics in our technopark and also to my friends - amateur astronomers. Thank you!

By alberto l c n

Sep 11, 2022




By Gary S

May 8, 2019

Course covers all the bases, both from the very basic notions, with suitable introductory material on things like how one determines the composition of a star from spectra, to the physics that allows one to understand the recent image of a black hole(without this course one might think photographing a black hole to be impossible.We now understand the time dilation effects of approaching a black hole and how one can do so safely.

Fascinating stuff

By Jake Z

Dec 17, 2022

This course was more in-depth and intellectually stimulating than I anticipated. It gave me an accurate and satisfying understanding of the strange nature of black holes.

I especially appreciated the inclusion of emergent research and findings, including observational evidence as recent as 2020. These inclusions have helped me further appreciate the results of scientific funding and the works of the dedicated work of the astrophysics community.

By Russell T F

Jun 27, 2018

I am truly delighted for a very high quality course about black holes. No doubt more will rapidly be learned in the near future about them. I would love to come to Alberta and help make the next updated revision with you. University of Alberta has the best quality and most interesting topics. Black holes are amazing and wonderful things to contemplate. Great work by a great team, the Black Holes 101 course makes me want to learn more.

By Jean-Luc H

Mar 10, 2023

Absolutely a Great Course ! Very detailed and constructed step-by-step teaching allowing easy understanding into the complex subject of Black Holes; teachers and staff put a lot of effort into the preparation and editing of each course. I am definitely looking to taking other courses in Astrophysics from the same team from Alberta !

PS: One small remark: the download of the video transcripts should be directly allowed in Word format.

By Michael B

Oct 26, 2018

Great course! Does a good job explaining the current state of our understanding of the most complicated objects in the universe, as well as the challenges and cutting edge technology of modern scientific observations. I've always wanted to learn about black holes and this was a great opportunity to get up to date knowledge from the top experts in the field, presented in an interactive and easily understand way for non-scientists

By Jason T B

Apr 12, 2020

Wonderful instructors and information! I've always had an interest in Black Holes and space in general. 25+ years out of college and a Law Enforcement career later, and now that my kids are out of high school, I have a little more time to concentrate on these topics again, thank you to all the Astro 101Instructors for helping me get back on my journey through space again! Much Thanks! - Jason Billings, Church Hill TN

By Scotty P

Jan 14, 2019

I loved this course, and I grew to absolutely adore the instructors. It's readily apparent that they had fun putting it all together. And the production staff! How fun were the animations, graphics, live shots and edits? All the way fun! Thanks everyone! The only problem with this course? Astro 105, 201, 314 and higher level specialities aren't yet available. More U of A Astrophysics courses, please. You guys rock.

By Liza v G

Jun 12, 2020

I enjoyed this course very much. Good voices, playful explanations, variety in subjects. `From now on I have a different view on Black Holes. I recommend this course to everyone who likes to learn more about the universe on a swinging way. A lot of beautiful pictures and good information about ways: how to research your object. Thanks and love from The Netherlands, Rotterdam

By Bernardina U

Nov 4, 2021

This was my first course and I did it because I have always had an interest in this type of research, but it enriched my whole thinking pattern. I don't have a science background, and sometimes it takes a bit more time to understand, but it was very rewarding if you make the test and you figure out that you understand. Thanks for putting together this very interesting course.

By Arya R K

May 21, 2020

Black holes are indeed one of the most fascinating topics. No matter how much knowledge one might have about black holes they are indeed going to grow after taking this course. All the teachers via their field of expertise provide vast and accurate knowledge about black holes and the singularity. I really loved this course and attained a lot of knowledge about black holes.

By Daniela O

Jun 6, 2021

I couldn't recommend more this course!! If only there were more stars to give! The instructors are amazing and all the complex and exciting material is so well thought and explained that it almost seems to be easy! Thank you so much for provide this course! This was a great starting point for me to begin to understand so much about Black holes, which I am fascinated by!!!

By Marie R

Sep 6, 2018

I loved every part of this course, especially how clearly everything was explained. I also really loved the annimations, design and little props that were used to explain things more clearly. I really feel like I'v learned so much and am actually a little bit sad that I'm finished. Thanks for the wonderful oppertunity to learn about something so fascinating!

By Mark M

Sep 2, 2021

I enjoyed the course. Relating subject matter to real life situations made it accessible. There was enough science for it to be challenging. I found myself pausing videos and looking things up. The quizzes were challenging but useful learning tools. Presenters pitched the content well for non-scientists and I feel like I learned lots from it. Well done.

By Jacqueline K

Nov 10, 2020

My 10 year old son participated in this course with me and enjoyed it tremendously! He is fascinated with space and in particular black holes. I learned about quantum theory and brushed up on Newtons' Laws and Einsteins' theory of relativity. Hopefully, the information gained by my son will stay with him into his University years.

P.S. He loved Ross!

By Deleted A

Nov 28, 2020

I have learned exclusively about black holes and other important stuff in astrophysics which I am interested in. This is a great course for beginners and they have showed experiments practically in this course. I had a great experience in this course. I thank the Coursera team and the team of University of Alberta for this wonderful course.Thank you