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This course is for everyone. In the new world we live in, coding is a universally valuable skill, whether you're a scientist, artist, or a humanist. Algorithms are everywhere, and we all have to understand how they work. The C language is particularly well suited as an introduction to coding: It's a tried-and-true language, and it allows you to understand computing processes at a deep level. No prior knowledge of coding is needed for this course. We'll start at the beginning. The time estimated time commitment for this course is five hours a week for five weeks....

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Jun 21, 2020

I am really happy I did this course. The instructor is a really experienced teacher. This course gave a good start for learning the fundamentals and moving onto complex programming languages like C++.


Apr 21, 2020

Great course to gain a foundation in C programming! The video lectures, coding examples, and peer reviewing of assignments allows one to learn quick and in real time. Would definitely recommend it.

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By Harshini

Jun 12, 2020


By apurva v

Jun 5, 2020


By Chabuk S Z N H

Jun 3, 2020


By Bollepallysaisree

Jun 2, 2020


By shruthi a

May 31, 2020


By S M

May 30, 2020


By Shubham j

May 29, 2020


By Meghana

May 27, 2020


By Praveen r

May 23, 2020


By Md. A M S

May 19, 2020


By thummalapalli d v

May 1, 2020


By Chamarthi H

Apr 27, 2020


By Leela A K Y

Apr 7, 2020


By Kritika K

Sep 24, 2021


By Fulvio R F A

Aug 29, 2020


By Kannemaduguhareesh

May 10, 2020



Oct 6, 2022


By Rakshitha P

Oct 18, 2021


By B-15 R D

Oct 2, 2021



Jul 17, 2021


By Shem M S

Jun 10, 2021

Overall, it's a good course if you want to get a solid foundation of the fundamentals (basically the course title). In this course, there's more reading/lectures than there is coding which honestly, was fine during the first few topics. However, it got really stressful at the week 4 - 5 because there's a lot of code that is shown but it was still focused on the concept.

In my very honest opinion, this course is suited for people with some background in programming because a lot of the concepts like function calls, params, etc. are not given any detail and are simply said in passing.

Furthermore, Dr. Pohl's usage of Vim may be tolerable to some students but an IDE/text editor with highlighting would've been more visually appealing and would've aided in making the students keep up with the code. If you don't like the black-and-white theme of vim, you'll have to suck it up i guess.

By Callum M

Apr 22, 2020

This course is marred by some unfortunate and easily corrected errors. Examples include missing semicolons in the final exam problems that change a correct response from something to nothing (since the example would compile with an error), as well as a final assignment that should have had some file i/o operations covered as a topic before it could be completed. Some parts of the course are elementary and suitable for beginners while other parts are more suited to intermediate learners; it would improve the course quality to separate these. Apart from these frustrations, the code examples are clear and instructive. I hope the course author will continue to improve on this offering as introductory C courses are difficult to find.

By Paola Z M

Nov 30, 2021

If you're starting from scratch you need to do extra work and look for explanations somewhere else because the instructor starts directly with terms that are not familiar if you're starting. It's not really worth paying monthly for these course (if you're from a non first world country is not a trivial amount of money) by the amount of money you would expect better quality of teaching. The peer graded assignments are not the best idea because people who are also learning grade you and sometimes it can not be fair. I'm giving 3 stars because what I learned was not mainly from these video lectures but from youtube.

By Sviatoslav M

Feb 3, 2023

This course explains basics very-very thoroughly. In the same time it seams that some videos a missed and some concepts are used in examples before (if even) they intrduced in the course. This makes impossible for absolute beginners in programming to try examples from videos themselves. For example, input redirection or if-else statement. I removed one more start. There is a section at the end of week 3 called "Why goto should be avoided", nevertheless there is no such a video. Someone need to review and edit the course.


Feb 24, 2022

El curso te da los fundamentos pero no te lleva de la mano. Considero que el profesor omite cosas fundamentales para entender la lógica de programación y el lenguaje en C. Cosas tan simples como printf, scanf creo que no quedan claro para una persona que es su primer acercamiento a la programación.

Si buscas que te enseñen todo y te digan cómo programar, no recomiendo el curso. Sin embargo si te gusta estudiar por tu cuenta y te apasiona, es un buen curso con buenas tareas que te complementarán tu estudio.