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This course is a partnership between the leading content marketing authority, Copyblogger, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. In this course, you will learn the core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers profitably. Specifically, you will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, use a strategic framework when writing, and build your professional brand and authority through content marketing. You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through content marketing....

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May 27, 2020

For those who want to start your content marketing journey, you may want to take this course. It focuses on touch base points but also goes into further details on what you need as a content marketer.

May 25, 2020

For those who want to start your content marketing journey, you may want to take this course. It focuses on touch base points but also goes into further details on what you need as a content marketer.

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By Arianne F

Jan 7, 2022

With this course I intended to refresh my knowledge about content marketing. I did get some useful new insights, but I was quite disappointed with the level of this course and the presentation. The readings were just a collection of blog posts, verbose, very repetitive, dated and with a lot of dead links. Most of the podcasts were boring. The theories and instructions tought in this course are definitely not applied to the course materialsmaterials.

By Aditya J P

Apr 8, 2020

It's not that great. The content for the first two weeks is amazing. There are podcasts hidden in the options of downloads, that I couldn't even find and getting peer-reviewed assignments corrected is a pain in the ass with bogus reviews all over and the forums are filled with students begging to have their assignment corrected. Just skip the course if you can or audit the first two weeks for videos, if needed.

By Jamil A S F

Apr 5, 2018

It started off quite good. However, this is directed towards people who have no business experience. If you are already a business owner, then it begins to become quite irrelevant. The coursework is just tedious, especially if you have already looked at this stuff for your own business. Couldn't bring myself to complete the course past week 4, because of how tedious and irrelevant it started to become.

By Tricia H

Aug 2, 2019

Unless I missed something the videos did not say to go to downloads for the podcasts. The admin told me to do so after I contacted them.

And, the assignment instruction could have been a bit clearer. For example, my interpretation of the assignment was to do it on ONE page, save as PDF, and submit. But the paper I reviewed was the PDF Worksheet outline filled out and re-saved as a PDF.

By Elaine Y

Oct 14, 2020

This is a good course if you are already employed in a role. I am currently unemployed so some of the assignments were not relevant for me. I also thought that whilst the materials were useful and well put together - they were also too long and laborious making it hard to complete and boring. The course could use some real life examples of how to complete assignments with samples etc.

By Patsira S

May 26, 2020

The disadvantage of this course is the podcast that you provided. It has just voices. You should make subtitle of the whole podcast for non english speakers to listen more clearly. Sometimes the podcast without images or video is kind of boring and not effective. Btw, this course has a good point and cover almost all of good lessons that content marketers should know.

By Maha A

Apr 19, 2018

The content of the course is very good till week 3, the assignment is very confused and there is no an example or a case study to teach us how to make Empathy map, mapping customer's journey and experience map.

In terms of podcasts, I prefer if there are videos instead of it or at least if there is a transcript for podcasts to make it more easy to understand.

By Bobby M

Jun 8, 2020

There is a lot of good information in this course and it had a good overview of content marketing. However, the course ebooks and podcasts are often long and meander a bit. I would have preferred the information to be more summarised rather than long and conversational. The videos were quite good though. Overall, I would recommend the course.

By Alfonso P

Sep 28, 2020

Even though the content of the course is good, it gets too basic sometimes. I was looking for something more specific, but from time to time, it started to talk about the basic foundations of marketing. Because of that, sometimes it felt kind of disperse. Also, the readings had almost no relevance when taking evaluations.

By Ananya K

Jun 20, 2020

The peer-graded instructions could have been more clear. A sample of how it should be done should be provided to make understanding better. I had a nice time learning with Sonia Simone. I found only the instructions quite confusing rest was up to the mark. Thank you, Coursera and UC Davis for such a great opportunity.

By Neil C

Apr 29, 2020

Mixed reviews. I though the video presentations were great, made me think about content in a new way. However, I did not like the segments where they mixed in 1 minute videos and then 15 minute podcasts, pick a format and stick with it, Also the assignments need tightening up, instructions were very vauge

By Shreeraj S

Nov 23, 2019

Very well presented and lots of learning points that can be applied to the real world, but the content in it seems clickbait-y sometimes. Lots of unnecessary information present in some topics and I'm afraid the course needs updating to 2019 since a lot has changed in 5 years.

By Iratxe C

Jun 7, 2020

Course provides a lot of useful information via lessons and outside reading material, but it is content marketing material on it's own for an agency. Most of the podcasts vaguely mention the subject of the conversation but don't dive into it. I think is a good start.

By Victoria B

May 30, 2020

for such course the most useful for me would have been the examples of writing styles/stories that correspond to the theory of the course. I found myself wondering on many occasions that I am not sure how I should write to be more impactful. Theory was good though.

By Elizabeth G

Mar 29, 2020

I was hoping to take this course to learn about content marketing and to be able to use this in future jobs. I got a few videos in only to find out this is a course that teaches you to build your own website. This is not what I was wanting to learn about.

By Md M H

May 16, 2020

The course content was very large specially too much PDF to read and using podcast into the main topic like empathy map and experience map i would say its not acceptable. so my recommendations is some balance needed

By Joanne Y

May 18, 2020

Very generous in providing more resources in content marketing. Though, not all videos are available. I needed to still research on topics on my own. But this course will help me a lot in setting up my website.

By vero88plg

Apr 29, 2021

The course has a lot of information and it's really complete but most of the information is presented in really long pdf. I would have loved to have more videos talking about practical cases.

By Mohit R S

May 13, 2020

Sonia Simone mentions several podcasts during her lectures which could not be found anywhere ...

There was more reading material which made the course boring at certain times...

By Mariam S e

Aug 18, 2021

Too Much reading , sometimes it's misleading and not organized

the mp3 audios are so boring, sometimes the quailty is low i had to search for the same topic to learn

By 郑玉月瑟

Jun 25, 2020

The logic and framework of this course are clear . But most of the important content has only MP3 versions so that I can not understand these parts very well.

By Jon C

Aug 1, 2020

I could not buy a website domain as instructed, so I have tried to unenroll from this course, but I have not been able to find the 'unenroll' option.

By Ashley G

May 13, 2020

Some of the content was really helpful but it's a little dated. References Google+ a lot and never mentions Instagram and its impacts on content.

By Mouquerian

Jul 5, 2020

I don't like the podcast sessions; they couldn't grab my full attention, I can't imagine along with the examples, and they are way too long.

By Nomfundo T

Dec 5, 2021

Social meida and other mediums have advanced and I w​ish the course would be updated to today's times and new means of content marketing.